November 15, 2011 : : Gregg Dumont
The Epic Episode! Film Photography Meet-Up at PDN NYC! Interviews include film-talk with Kodak, Instant film with Fujifilm, Large Format with Keith Canham, Photo Paper with Freestyle and lots, lots more! Hosted by Michael...
October 31, 2011 : : Gregg Dumont
    Polaroid Land Camera explosion! DIY Camera Mods! 110 Film Returns! Is the Lomo-Look Family Friendly? Hosted by Michael Raso, Mat Marrash, John Fedele and new guy Dane “Smoove Sailor” Johnson!
October 13, 2011 : : Gregg Dumont
    FPP Spooky Halloween Show! BW Film Photography! Filters for BW Photography! Ghosts in your image! Reciprocity fail! Polaroid Stuff! Classic Camera Giveaway and more! Hosted by Michael Raso & Mat Marrash...
October 1, 2011 : : Gregg Dumont
    Defunct Polaroid Formats! 35mm Instant Polaroid, The Swinger and The Joycam / Captiva Polaroid cameras are demonstrated! Polaroid 500 and Lomo Smena 8m giveaways! Hosted by Michael Raso, Mat Marrash,...
September 14, 2011 : : Gregg Dumont
    FPP gives away cameras to film students in this Back-To-School episode! Argus 75 and Nikon FE2 discussed, listener letters and much more. Hosted by Michael Raso, Mat Marrash and John Fedele with special...
August 30, 2011 : : Gregg Dumont
It’s the large format episode! Tales from Photostock 2011 featuring Bill Schwab, BW darkroom intro & much more! Hosted by Michael Raso, Mat Marrash with special guest Dan Domme.
August 12, 2011 : : Gregg Dumont
Inspiration and your Photography, BW Photographic Papers, Pentax K1000, Polaroid Pack Madness & More! Hosted by Michael Raso, Mat Marrash and John Fedele.  
July 29, 2011 : : Gregg Dumont
Recap from the Film Photography Mid-West USA Meet Up, Mat Marrash’s “52 Project” Gallery Show and much more! Hosted by Michael Raso, Mat Marrash and Dan Domme.
July 13, 2011 : : Gregg Dumont
The radio show about film, film and more film! Discussions include film shrinkage, reclaiming your instant film neg, darkroom tips, vintage camera giveaway and much more! Hosted by Michael Raso with Mat Marrash and John...
July 1, 2011 : : Dan Domme
    FPP travels to London for a meet-up at Lomography UK headed up by FPPer Darren "Pancho" Riley!!! We preview the new W-I-D-E Lomo La Sardina and LC-W cameras as well as chat with our UK listeners! Join the...