Film Photography Project's TOP 5 Ultra Cool & Different 35mm Films!

Posted: 11/23/2017

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Top Five Ultra Cool and Different 35mm Films
We LOVE unique 35mm films but what are the TOP 5 Ultra Cool & Different 35mm Films in the FPP On-Line Store!?

Video featuring the images of FPP Flickr Group Members:

Hayden Williams

Emily Savill

Leslie Lazenby

Carl Nenzén Lovén

John Meadows

Mark Dalzell


Trev Lee

John Fedele

5. Lomo Purple – This strange and different film stock reproduces the look of colour infrared, but without all the different handling and filters and the best part, it’s processed in C-41!

4. Eastman High-Contrast 5363 – Originally designed for title work on motion pictures, it produces beautiful still photography images. A high-contrast chrome feels and with blue-sensitive emulsion gives a unique look especially in portrait work! Just make sure to shoot this film outside or using electronic flash.

3. Kodak Low Speed 2254 – How low can you go? How about ISO-1.6, yes this is a super low-speed C-41 film that’s great for long exposure work and was originally designed as a copy film for motion picture work.

2. Svema Color 125 – Svema 125 has no equal in Japanese or North American films. It produces a vibrant colour pallet that is different from that of Fujifilm and Kodak! It’s a favourite of Leslie and Mark!

Honorable Mentions:
FPP Color Infrared 35mm Film
Lomo X-Pro Color Slide 200

1. Kodak Vision3 – Available in three speeds (Daylight 50D, 250D, and Tungsten 500T) this rich motion picture film is the stock behind many blockbuster Hollywood Films. And now you can shoot this at home in your cameras. Just watch out the processing, it still has a remjet layer, so it’s ECN-2, there are plenty of labs out there who process ECN-2, but the easy way is to develop it at home in a C-41 kit and gently rub the remjet off before stabilizing.

Where to get Process ECN-2 Films processed, scanned or printed??
Film Rescue
Canada / Minnesota USA

The Camera Shop
Minnesota USA

Old School Film Lab - New Hampshire USA

Botique Film Lab - Mt. Juliet, TN


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