What Shoe?! The FPP Song!

Posted: 11/30/2012

The new song written by regular FPP contributor Jim Austin!

What Shoe (Gets in to your Souls)?

Well he gives us a pod cast from Butler New Jersey

Whoa Mike ! - what shoe is that?

Its another F P P for all analog lovers,

With John, Dane, Mark, Hunter and Mat

Our F P P is the fun nest podcast

We filmsters have ever seen ...

It runs the gamut from old one ten,

All the way to eleven by fourteen.

Now Lauren Bagley, she has crafted a T shirt

And this is what it reads,

Michael Raso and the gang are cooler than ever,

Download 'em and you'll see what I mean

So come all you shooters, pick up your best camera

And get our and do some rolls

Then yell "Film Lives" when you press the shutter

Cause this great shoe gets into your souls !

Music: Taditional / Lyrics: Jim Austin


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