Canon T-50 SLR Film Camera

Posted: 03/12/2011

Video segment from Episode 29 of the FILM PHOTOGRAPHY PODCAST.

"The Canon T50, introduced in March 1983 and discontinued in December 1989, was the first in Canon's new T series of 35mm single-lens reflex cameras compatible with Canon's FD lens mount."

The manual focus Canon T50 is most likely the simplest camera in the FD arsenal. Program - Off - Battery Check are the only top controls. No "B" bulb, no PC flash input, no cable-release input. Turning the FD lens from "A" Automatic to f-stops switches the camera to 1/60th sec. This gives you the (limited choice) option of going manual and allowing the use of off-brand flashes.

The T50 is simplistic joy - allowing me to concentrate on my shots and leaving the exposure chores to the camera. As an all-manual photo guy - I must admit, it was difficult giving up the control of shutter and aperture, but the results were more than pleasing.



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