Film Photography Podcast 272

Posted: 05/15/2021

Film Photography Podcast
Episode 272 - May 15, 2021

Michael Raso and John Fedele take a look at some new books, projects and tools made by and for creatives working in the medium of film! Topics include scanning film with the Negative Supply new Basic 35mm DSLR Film Scanner, a new documentary called, "I Found Your Film", Book of the Month "From the Bronx to Berlin and Beyond", the FPP Camera Review and more.

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Negative Supply Basic DSLR 35mm Film Scanner

Mike and John discuss their experience with the all-new Negative Supply Basic DSLR 35mm Film Scanner. This new device is available direct from The FPP and allows folks to easily scan your 35mm negative to digital files. In the video below, Mike demonstrates his edit workflow once his film is scanned.

I FOUND YOUR FILM Documentary 

Hanne van der Velde and Jelte van Lente of Rue du Labrador Films thrift cameras in search of forgotten film discarded in the camera decades earlier. These memories are developed and presented in their mini-documentary available at - On Instagram -

Photographer and environmentalist Ron Hoffer book FROM THE BRONX TO BERLIN AND BEYOND is reviewed by John Fedele. Taken with his 35mm camera after the fall of the Berlin Wall, German photographer Ron Hoffer’s color vignettes of women, youth, everyday culture and devastated landscapes―collected in this volume―offer glimpses of optimism in the economic and political uncertainty of the post-Soviet era.

AN UNUSUAL BEAUTY - the 1960s Bell & Howell

John talks up the 1960s Bell & Howell (made by Canon) Auto 35 Reflex Camera - an unusual camera in that the aperture is behind the lens and you set from the camera body (rather than the lens).


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