Film Photography Podcast 271

Posted: 04/15/2021

Film Photography Podcast
Episode 271 - April 15, 2021

It’s film photography news and moving making magic in this jam-packed episode where Michael Raso, John Fedele and special guest Mark Dalzell discuss the latest tech for digitizing mounted slides, Nashville’s amazing Third Man Photo Studio, Beau Patrick Coulon’s incredible photo book “Revel and Revolt,” and our recent School Camera Donation recipients and More!


The Cameradactyl BoopBoop Trigger for digitizing mounted slides – Prototypes and Kickstarter Tease!
From Cameradactyl: This video explains all of the features and settings of Cameradactyl’s BoopBoop, as well as instructions on setting one up (the secret is, it alternately triggers a slide projector and a digital camera with a macro lens!). This may or may not become a Kickstarter project in the coming months, but for now I'll sell a few prototypes if you promise to fill out a review form and make me an Instagram video that I can use for later marketing.

Third Man Photo Studio
Located in Nashville TN and operating out of Third Man Records, the Third Man Photo Studio will be available for rent soon! In the meantime, their team specializes in high-quality photographic film development and analog print processing using the darkroom hidden within the walls of the famed Blue Room. Check them out at

It's a Good Day for a Monster Movie!
While Mike & John are planning their Halloween 2021 shot-on-movie film Monster Movies using Rock Bottom Novelties' SUPER SPACE SLIME MONSTER, you don’t have to wait for Halloween - you can get your own monster masks any day of the year at
Need Movie Film?! FPP has you covered - FPP Movie Film Dept!

“Revel and Revolt” – Beau Patrick Coulon’s New Orleans’ Photography book!
These dynamic photos showcase the DIY, creative and rebellious spirit that drives New Orleans’ protests, punk shows, Mardi Gras and more. A terrific gift that will inspire any photographer to get out there and shake things up!

Film Photography Programs are Alive and Well, and so is the FPP’s School Camera Donation Program!
Who would have thought that film photography and movie film programs would thrive during a pandemic?  These inspirational educators did, and their classes are more popular than ever.  While we continue to work through our list of recipients, we want to shine a spotlight on some of the recent new or growing programs with an emphasis on film: Stratford Academy (instructor Kristin Stephens), North Olmstead High School (instructor Melanie Reilly), Mississinawa Valley Schools (instructor Ashley Austerman with photographer Tim Householder) and The Miami Valley School (instructor Diana Law).


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