Film Photography Podcast 254

Posted: 05/27/2020

Film Photography Podcast
Episode 254 - June 1, 2020

In this special episode (video version also on YouTube) Michael Raso, Mat Marrash and John Fedele welcome guests from the film community.

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The Film Photography Podcast interview with Film Shooter and Chief Photographer Trev Lee. Trev talks about how the 2020 Pandemic has affected operations at the lab, The Darkroom's "Document Your Life" Film Photography Contest for May 2020, favorite film, cameras and more!

CALEB SAVAGE - Bushwick Community Darkroom, Brooklyn, NY
"Caleb Savage is a graduate of the Department of Photography and Imaging with strong interests in technology old and new. For the past several years, he has been involved with the Bushwick Community Darkroom, a nonprofit that provides affordable education and access to facilities to photographers in NYC. In an ongoing project, Caleb is working to document the Anthracite coal region of Northeastern Pennsylvania through portraits, interviews, environmental studies, and industrial archaeology."

Shawn Augustson is a street photographer and artist from Columbus, Ohio. After serving his country in Iraq for 2 years he returned home with a seriously injured back and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). As part of his recovery he took part in art therapy where he learned he has a natural talent for painting. When a therapist recommended he try photography he began shooting on the street. Over time it helped him to reduce his stress and anxiety to the point that he is almost completely off medication. Shawn discusses his large format photography.

Joseph Brunjes is a Wilmington, NC native who currently lives with his wife, daughter, and assorted pets in Walnut Cove, NC. Joseph received his photographic training from the International Center of Photography, and the Center for Alternative Photography, both in New York City. He first learned film photography from his father, John Henry Brunjes, III, while in middle school.  He has been a guest on the Film Photography Podcast and the Large Format Photography Podcast.  He currently teaches wet plate collodion and large format photography at the Sawtooth School of Visual Art in Winston-Salem, NC.

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