Film Photography Podcast 252

Posted: 05/14/2020

Film Photography Podcast
Episode 252 - May 15, 2020

Michael Raso, Mat Marrash and John Fedele discuss 4x5 X-Ray Film, FPP D96 BW Developer, Shoot Box Speed, Using (or not using) Stop Bath when developing BW film, Large Format Friday, Listener Letters and more!

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4x5 X-Ray Film
If your a beginner or seasoned professional shooting X-Ray film will give your photography a unique look at a cost much less than traditional BW sheet film.

FPP D96 Developer
Long considered the go-to BW developer for the motion picture industry, D96 is a highly adaptable lower contrast film developer that enables you to increase the contrast by increasing your developing time or agitation.

Shoot Box Speed
Mat discusses the benefit of shooting your film at the prescribed "box" ISO.

Stop the Stop Bath
When home developing movie film, most folks thank that to stop the developing, you need to use a "stop bath". In fact, a "water" stop bath is just as effective and maybe  even better that traditional chemical stop bath.

Large Format Friday
Mat talks about his weekly YouTube series Large Format Friday - a series where he goes through every step of shooting large format sheet film.


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