Film is Alive and Well! PDN Photo Expo Podcast Interviews!

Posted: 11/12/2019

Film Photography Podcast
Episode 235 - November 15, 2019

On this episode Michael Raso, Mat Marrash and John Fedele enthusiastically cover the annual PDN Photo Plus Expo in New York City, interviewing movers and shakers in the world of Film Photography!

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Mat interviews Matt Parry from ILFORD/HARMAN UK. Matt talks about the new 35mm and 120 Ortho Plus film + the new line of darkroom paper. After the interview Mat goes on to explain the difference between Orthochromatic vs Panchromatic film. For more info read our blog by Leslie Lazenby - What is Panchromatic and Orthochromatic Film?

Above: FPP's Mat Marrash interviews ILFORD's Matt Parry at the PDN Photo Plus Expo in NYC October 2019

LAB BOX - Daylight Home Developing Tank
Alessandro Franchini, CEO of ars-imago talks about the new Lab Box, a home developing tank for 35mm and 120 film that you can use in daylight. PROCESSING YOUR FILMS HAS NEVER BEEN THIS EASY! LAB-BOX is the easiest and quickest tool to develop your film in full day light, anywhere and at anytime, bypassing the need to load the rolls in the dark.
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NEGATIVE SUPPLY Film Scanner for DSLR Camera
Camera scanning is the future, but strip holders take forever. Speed up scanning time by capturing entire rolls and advance between frames with a high quality stainless steel drive mechanism. Each Frame can be precisely centered while capturing every detail quickly and efficiently. Mat speaks to Saxon McClamma about usage and availability.

Mike chats with Josh Steele from Roberts Distributors. Roberts is a family run business and the North American distributor of Ilford / Harman products (and also many indie film brands including FPP films). Josh enthusiastically talks about the renewed interest in film (and his team all wore shirts with #FilmISNotDead printed on the back)!

Patrick DelliBovi, a long time FPP supporter (and one of our first on-air guests back in 2010) chats with Mat Marrash about Freestyle's mission to support all film products.

JOHN SANDERSON - Carbon County Folio Box / Arca-Swiss Camera
Mat confesses to John Sanderson that he's a long-time fan and follower. They discuss photographing Western United States and John's new book Carbon County (available from Visit John at his website -

Just a few feet away from the PDN Expo the New York chapter of Beers and Cameras held a meet-up. Many faces of film photography were present including Dave Bias (Film Ferrania), CineStill & Co, Phil Steblay from (to name a few). Michael was present shooting Super 8 and had the chance to talk to one of the NY chapter leaders Emily Baron. -

BROWNIE IN MOTION - Steve Takacs - Bushwick Community Darkroom
Brownie In Motion is a portable art installation, room-sized camera obscura and darkroom capable of producing large scale direct positive images on-site. The project, constructed by photographer and former OSU instructor Stephen Takacs, debuted in 2013, thanks to the generous support by the OSU STEAM Factory, Ingenuity Cleveland and 9Stitches. Currently, the project is touring across the United States.

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