Film Photography Podcast 229

Posted: 08/20/2019

Film Photography Podcast
Episode 229 - August 20, 2019

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In this episode Michael Raso, John Fedele and Mark Dalzell discuss Cine8 - the new 8mm home movie film manufactured and released by The Film Photography Project, How to process old Ektachrome 160 Type A Super 8 film, Revere 8 Model 80 camera overview, avoid light piping, overview of Polaroid cameras and available film in 2019.

The Return of Regular 8mm Film - FPP Cine 8!
After 8 months of research and development, the FPP announced today the release of FPP Cine8 Film for 8mm cine cameras that accept Regular 8mm film. Not to be confused with the popular Super 8 format, Regular 8 (Introduced by George Eastman) was the original home movie format from the 1930s through the 1970s. What is this new 8mm Cine film?? Michael Raso explains in the video below.

Listener letter - Super 8 Ektachrome Type A or Type G - How to get it processed?
In the early 1970s Kodak revolutionized home movie making with the introduction of "high speed" Ektachrome 160. This film along with their line of XL (existing light) cameras allowed home movie makers to shoot in lower light situations.Long discontinued, processing for Type A and Type G has been long discontinued. Read more on our Type A / Type G Blog Page.

Revere 8 Model 80 Cine Camera Overview
Michael Raso gives an overview of one of his favorite 8mm cine cameras.

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