Film Photography Podcast 224

Posted: 06/07/2019

Film Photography Podcast
Episode 224 - June 7, 2019

In this episode of the Film Photography Podcast, Michael Raso, Owen McCafferty, Mark O'Brien, John Fedele, and Leslie Lazenby sit down to chat about the newest sensation to hit the FPP: Movie film!

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If you’ve been eager to dive into shooting home movies but wanted to know more about the formats, this is the show (what show) for you! Owen provides a brief overview and history of the most common movie film formats like Super 8, Regular 8, and 16mm,  and succinctly dips our toes into the oddities of Magazine 8 and Double Super 8.

The merits of a few movie cameras such as the famed Kodak XL line of Super 8 cameras are discussed, and Mike asks the all-important question: what the heck does XL actually mean?!

No show would be complete without some reminiscing of the good ‘ole days by the ‘Jersey boys.’ Mike and John discuss some of the movies they shot in ‘collage’ including Attack of the Potato People  pictured above (and some other titles with equally odd names).

John Fedele spoofs a classic 1950s Ozzy and Harriet Kodak TV spot introducing the Kodak Movie Camera while in character as Ozzy Osborne (pictured below) and John Lennon!

A listener letter requests information on the FPP's scanning services for various film formats like Super 8, the now defunct Super 8 sound system, and footage shot by the Lomo Kino. Mike explains common issues with the formats and the solutions provided by FPP today.

Then the gang tackles the question, "What was home entertainment like before home video formats VHS, Betamax, or DVD?" The answer: movie film, of course! The gang discusses the various types of pre-recorded home movies available to consumers in the mid-20th-century. Different kinds of projectors are explored, and John reveals a secret fetish.

That’s it for this episode, but don’t fret - we’ll be back in one short week! Until then be sure to give us a like on Facebook and sign up for our newsletter (on our home page)! You can also join the FPP community over on Flickr! If you want to write to us, you can shoot us an email or write to us at Film Photography Podcast PO Box 264 Fair Lawn, NJ 07410.


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