Film Photography Podcast 223

Posted: 05/31/2019

Film Photography Podcast
Episode 223 - June 1, 2019
This episode features Ethan Moses and his Camerdactyl OG 4x5 3d printed camera ( The Cameradactyl OG is $200 (US) without a lens. It takes standard 4x5 film holders. It is focused by a scale focus on the focusing ring or by using the ground glass. There are three ground glass options (plain ground glass, plain ground acrylic, or gridded ground acrylic).

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Cast: Michael Raso, John Fedele, Leslie Lazenby, Mark Dalzell, Mark O’Brien

Guests: Ethan Moses (Cameradactyl), Owen McCafferty, and Joseph "Joby" Brunjes.

Cameras discussed (or at least mentioned): Cameradactyl OG 4x5, Travelwide, Busch Pressman D, Kodak XL Super 8

Quote of the Episode:  Ethan: “When you put a hot pink grip on a Leica M, people get real angry.”

Show notes by Joseph Brunjes

Ethan contacted the FPP to prove there was some quality work being done after hearing Mat criticize the trend of making 3D printed cameras (Ep. 213). Ethan and the gang discuss the evolution of the Cameradactyl and the time required to 3D print his ultra-light weight cameras. The camera featured on the program took roughly 50 hours to print and assemble. He currently has 12 printers dedicated to production. He began with a successful Kickstarter campaign featuring a 3D printed folding 4x5 field camera. His latest camera, the Cameradactyl OG, is a non folding hand held 4x5 without movements. A tripod mount and ground glass are included but most shooters will most likely use it hand held as a zone focusing street camera. Unlike the Travelwide (introduced in 2013), which used injection molded cones for 65mm and 90mm lenses only, the 3D printed Cameradactyl OG can be designed around any LF lens you provide. Most people go for normal to wide lenses (135mm-90mm). Its helical focus ring has adjustable tension to compensate for changes in temperature and humidity. The body, nosecone, inner helix/lens board, and viewfinder will be printed in black but all accents (grip, focusing screen frame, and focusing ring) can be printed in just about any color. Ethan says the response to the OG has been good, getting first time large format buyers as well as seasoned shooters looking for something new.


Ethan also makes other products like the Butter Grip for older film cameras and 35 & 120 film cases. The grips come in an array of colors starting at $21.


Ethan’s favorite FPP episodes are the Sam Sherman episodes - Ep. 201 - 202 - 203 (Sam pictured above)
The episodes reminded Ethan of shopping for cameras in New York with his friend where an unscrupulous salesman asked, “Do you want the PRO version?”


Owen and Mike discuss the Kodak XL line of Super 8 cameras and their fatal flaw, a faulty plastic motor gear, hoping to get Ethan to 3D print a replacement part. Other product ideas include a 3D printed light bracket for Super 8 cameras.


How many slices? Is this a four pie day? What is a Garbage Pie? Does Ethan like the food in New Mexico? Tune in and find out.



Mark D reads a listener letter from a “fan” who chose to write in all CAPS.


Listen in for a bonus review of Five Guys burgers by FPP Super Pal Darren "Ballard" Riley. "16p 70!!!" That wraps up this episode! If you have any questions or want to write to us, you can send us an email or send an actual letter Film Photography Podcast PO Box 264, Fair Lawn, NJ, 07410. Join our community on Flickr, Like us on our FPP Facebook page, and sign up to our newsletter (link on our main page) for the latest and greatest from the FPP!

Joseph Brunjes teaches wet plate collodion and large format photography at the Sawtooth School for Visual Art in Winston-Salem, NC. His website is:


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