Film Photography Podcast 220

Posted: 04/23/2019

Film Photography Podcast
Episode 220 - April 23, 2019

In this "Drive Time" episode Michael is joined in the studio by John Fedele and Mark Dalzell, Topics mixed with ramblings include GAF 220 Instamatic, Analog Photography Reference Manual by Andrew Bellamy, Gossen Luna Pro F Light Meter, Cokin Filters and More!

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GAF 220 Instamatic (110 film) Camera
A listener named Marco sent Michael his 110 GAF Instamatic. Michael talks about Instamatic cameras in general, discusses the faux "wood panel" design of the 1973 GAF and comments about the fresh, awesome Fukkatsu 110 film in the FPP on-line Store!

Analog Photography: Reference Manual for Shooting Film
Book by Andrew Bellamy

Princeton Architectural Press just published Andrew Bellamy's comprehensive technical guide to using a manual camera, Analog Photography: Reference Manual for Shooting Film.

In his book, Bellamy provides an overview of a camera’s parts and functions, and teaching the fundamental mechanics of shooting film, and he presents it all in an irresistible package inspired by the aesthetics of vintage user manuals. Divided into six main sections -- General Nomenclature, Lenses, Speeds & Exposure, Effects of Aperture & Shutter Speed, Rangefinders & SLRs, and Film & Filters -- the book is structured to be accessed in either a linear or nonlinear way, with cross-references that are underlined in the text and listed with their relevant page numbers at the top of each page.  There is also a detailed index.

Gossen Luna Pro F Light Meter
A listener writes in to ask about the practical use of the Gossen Luna Pro F meter. Michael explains that "it's all what you're used to using" in regards to using different brands and that he uses the Gossen because it was "drilled" into his head in 1986 by Prof Bedarich Batka that this was the meter to use.

above: John Fedele in 1989 as the demon's victim get a light reading by the Gossen Luna-Pro F light meter! In 1989 friend and frequent collaborator Tim O'Rawe wrote and directed a horror film called The Basement - A horror anthology similar "Tales from the Crypt").

FILTERS: Square or Round
A listener writes in and asks what's better - round screw in filters or the square Cokin type. Again, Michael explains that it's really personal preference. Both Mike and John own the Cokin square filters but also have a few round.

Shooting Super 8 in 2019!
Michael, Mark and John have a conversation about the misery of shooting a Super 8 feature film in the year 1989. Michael's advice....leave the light meter home and use AUTO for your exposure! The FPP has dived into movie making in 2019 and now not only stocks 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm movie film but also offers processing and scan services! All at our MOVIE LINK!

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