Film Photography Podcast 198

Posted: 10/01/2018

Film Photography Podcast

Episode 198 - October 1, 2018

Cast: Michael Raso, Leslie Lazenby, Mat Marrash, Mark O’Brien

Guest: Robert Hamm

Cameras discussed: Mint InstantKon RF70, Yashica FX7

Quote of the Episode: Mike: “Robert, who are pals with Fuji?” Answer: “no one!”

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Show notes by Joseph Brunjes

The FPP welcomes back Robert Hamm of the Hamm Camera Company (  On this episode, Robert and the gang discuss the MiNT ( InstantKon RF70.  A project 3 years in the making, MiNT has come up with a manual rangefinder camera for Fuji Instax Wide film… sorry, Fujifilm Instax Wide film.  The Instax community has longed for a camera that has manual controls. MiNT has answered the call. Anyone familiar with the Fujifilm GF670, will see its influence on the RF70.  A folding rangefinder with aperture and shutter control is a game changer in the instant film world.  Robert’s copy is a prototype so the actual camera’s features and appearance will differ slightly.

photo by Robert Hamm / Hamm Camera Company


MiNT is a Hong Kong based company that sells updated and repaired Polaroid cameras as well as new cameras that work with Fujifilm instant film.  They also make accessories including a flash bar for Polaroid SX-70 cameras that is available in the FPP Store. (

Why not Kickstarter?

MiNT is committed to making a great product and didn’t want to feel rushed by a massive order that would force them to cut corners to meet shipping windows.  They also wanted to offer it first to their loyal customers. They are now taking preorders.

RF70 Specs:

Focus: Manual 0.75m - infinity, separate rangefinder window

Shutter: Self timer, B, T, & 1sec to 1/500

Aperture f/5.6 - 22 (93mm lens)

Battery: 2 x AA

Flash: pop up rear curtain

Flash Sync: 1/500

Exposure compensation: + or - 1

Giveaways this episode:

Issues of Kodachrome magazine to participants of the FPP WW 2018.

photo by Mark O'Brien

Mark O’Brien reviews the Yashica FX-7

The Yashica FX-7 is a Japanese 35mm SLR that was manufactured from 1979-1984.

When Kyocera took over Yashica, they offered less expensive versions of the Contax brand under the Yashica label. They both used C/Y mount lenses meaning you could put amazing Zeiss glass on a less expensive Yashica body.  The FX-7 is basically a chrome version of the all black FX-3.

Camera Specs:

Manufactured: 1979 - 1984

Focus: Manual

Shutter: metal focal plane  (B & 1 to 1/1000)

Battery: 2 LR44 (only for meter, fully mechanical)

Lens Mount: C/Y

Flash sync: 1/125

ISO: 12-1600

 The main flaw is the leatherette deteriorating into a sticky mess.  Prices run from around $25-65 on Ebay and are usually based on appearance.

PIZZA has arrived to FPP Midwest HQ:

Marco’s pizza…. did it stack up to NJ pizza?
Answer (Mike): "No, but did you taste that sauce - nice and spicy!"

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Joseph Brunjes is a professional musician and photographer who currently lives in Walnut Cove, NC.  Joseph received his photographic training from the International Center of Photography and the Center for Alternative Photography, both in New York City.  He first learned film photography from his father, John Henry Brunjes, III, while in middle school.  He teaches wet plate collodion at the Sawtooth School for Visual Art in Winston-Salem, NC.



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