Film Photography Podcast 193

Posted: 07/21/2018

Film Photography Podcast

Episode 193 - July 22, 2018

Topics include Save Pack Film, Jollylook Review Number One, 35mm to 120 Adapters, Support Artists - Buy a Print, Kickstarter Roundup, Listener Letters and More!

Show notes by Michael Raso

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Welcome to a FPP Drive-Time episode featuring Mark Dalzell, John Fedele and I. First up...SPROCKETS! The CamerHack/FPP 35mm to 120 Adapters are back in stock! The adapter allows you to use 35mm film in 120 camera - taking panoramic images (including exposing the film sprocket area).

Help Support a Film Photographer - Buy a Print!

In our opening segment I open a recent front I purchased by icantstandpickles. If you see an image you love on Instagram or other site, click through and buy a print!

The last manufacturer of Polaroid Type 100 film, Fujifilm, discontinued production in 2017. This is the "crack and peel" film that is used in Polaroid Automatic Land Cameras. WIth millions of cameras and no film in production, Florian "Doc" Kaps has sprung into action to Save Pack Film!

Kickstarter Round-Up
Mark Dalzell does a round-up of new film photography related kickstarters.

Lastly, Mark Dalzell relays his experience (so far) with the Jollylook Cardboard Instant Instax Mini Camera.

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