Film Photography Podcast 191

Posted: 07/04/2018

Film Photography Podcast
Episode 191 - July 4, 2018

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Topics include: Fuji Instax Square, the new Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6 camera, Community darkrooms and the Obscura Darkroom coming to Union NJ, Packard Shutter on-line, Jim Austin's Jimages, Kodak S-Series 100EF Camera, Listener Letters and much more!

Show notes by Michael Raso

On today's show Mark Dalzell, John Fedele and I open your letters that you sent via the US Postal Service. Thanks for all the cards, letters and snacks. It's greatly appreciated. A BIG thanks is also in order fot everyone that has donated to our ongoing FPP School Camera Donation Program. We can't do it without you!

Highlights of discussions include:

Fuji Instax Square Cameras and Film
John Fedele tests his Lomo'Instant Square Pigalle Camera while I chat and test the all-new FujiFilm Instant Square SQ6 Camera. Both use the new Fuji Instax Square Instant Film.

Obscura Community Darkroom
Mark Dalzell discusses Obscura Darkroom, a community darkroom serving the North New Jersey community. As of today their not open yet but the new website is up -

Packard Shutter
A listener writes in and tells us about a website that builds shutters for large format cameras -

Jim Austin Jimages
Long-time listener and life-long film photographer Jim Austin writes in with a printed newsletter! Jim runs the Jimages website and is the publisher of SHIZEN - SHIZEN (自然) is a complimentary fine art photography eZine.    Shizen means natural with no pretense.

Kodak S-Series Point and Shoot 35mm Cameras
Of all the piles of plastic 35mm Point and SHoot cameras the FPP has never received a Kodak S-Series 100EF camera! This plastic wonder was given to me by editor Joe Kolbek. His families go-to camera in the 1990s, this simple point and shoot uses aperture technology from the 1950s (as a simple metal circle slides behind the lens to change the camera settings from 100 iso to 400 iso !

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See ya on the radio - next show July 15, 2018!


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