Film Photography Podcast 185

Posted: 05/08/2018

Film Photography Podcast
Episode 185 - May 8, 2018
Topics include CamerHack Film Adapters, Kodak No. 3 118 Film Camera, Sprocket hole Photography, Elliott Landy e-mails The FPP, Listener Letter and Much More!

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Show Notes by Michael Raso

Greetings everyone. On this bonus episode I'm joined in the studio by Mark Dalzell and John Fedele.

Elliott Landy's Photography - First up we discuss an e-mail received by photographer Elliott Landy. For those who do not know "Elliott Landy is an American Photographer/Writer Best known for his iconic photographs from the Sixties Classic Rock period, Elliott Landy was one of the first "music photographers" to be recognized as an artist." Elliott was an official photograpger at Woodstock and has shot such iconic artists as Bob Dylan, Jim Morrison, The band, Janis Joplin and many more.

We launched the new FPP website in 2017 and we had a typo right on the home page! Mt Landy was kind enough to e-mail me to let me know about the typo. After a brief exchange he praised the Film Photography Project website writing, "We all have a part in it (photography). I’ve done some really good photos (and keep doing more) but I’ve never done what you all have done on the web, creating a large site to inform and serve people‘s needs To help them create what they wish." Thanks Elliott Landy! You can visit Elliott Landy's website at

Camera Adapters for your Vintage Kodak Box Cameras - The FPP On-Line Store now carries adapters manufactured by CamerHack, Italy. These simple, sturdy adapters allow you to use 120 film in 116, 118, 616 and 122 box cameras.

Vintage Kodak Brownie Cameras - Mark discusses the various Kodak roll film formats including 116, 616, 124, 130 and others. Even though these cameras are one hundred +/- years old, most still work!

Name John's new band! John Fedele, Mark Dalzell, Kevin Neblung and Kenichi have formed a new band. They have NO NAME and are asking you to write in and offer up a possible name. Send your name suggestion to:

That's it for this show. See ya next week!


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