Film Photography Podcast 178

Posted: 12/21/2017

Film Photography Podcast – Episode 178
December 22, 2017

We’re back on the road with another Drive Time Episode! Hope in and join Michael Raso, Mark Dalzell, and John Fedele! Topics today show include Super8 Movies, Cinestill Giveaway, Kickstarter Roundup, C-41 Kit Update, Fakmatic Update, C-41 Kit – Shipping Update, Listener Letters, and More! So hop in, buckle up and let’s hit the road!

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Podcast 178 Chapters
0:00:11 Introductions Michael Raso, Mark Dalzell, and John Fedele
0:00:24 Except for Michael, none of the FPP regulars use Instagram (go figure)
0:00:55 Box of treats sent to FPP HQ from Bill
0:03:30 Box of treats from Brazil
0:04:00 Letter from Joe
0:05:11 More treats and letter from Sherry of Route 1
0:06:37 Vinyl from Ebay - Lookin' for Santa etc.
0:08:20 Music excerpt (24 secs) Bite The Wax Godhead -  I'll be glad when Christmas time is done
0:09:30 Letter concerning shooting Music video on Super 8
0:11:47 Music excerpt
0:14:22 Giveaway history
0:15:50 Letter with film
0:17:21 Cinestill Film giveaway (listen for instructions)
0:18:23 Break
0:18:54 Kickstarter roundup Hasselblad Square Instax processor cancelled
0:20:26 Rezivot also cancelled
0:21:25 New kickstarter sheet film holders - Gibillini - $$$
0:24:45 Silberra Indiegogo - packaging won't be flashy
0:26:24 Box camera rebirth
0:27:46 Break
0:29:28 C-41 kit now for less shipping $ - ships flat! 15oz.
0:33:31 126 Film photography - the Fakmatic (adapter for 35mm in 126 camera) divot
0:44:07 Mark's Flickr tricycle picture:
0:44:15 Discussion of 126 cameras and mods thereof
0:53:00 127 cartridge reloads to be offered in FPP store - soon
0:56:33 Box from Phil of full of 126 stuff
0:58:30 Closing comments and Christmas Music to close

Show Notes by Alex Luyckx

Super 8 – Making Movies

Listener Anthony writes asking about Super8! Now it’s been some time since we’ve talked motion pictures here on the FPP, but Michael Raso digs into the topic! Anthony’s band, The Melting Suns, has just completed their first EP, and he wants to do an entire short film for the EP. The best part is that he wants it all done on Super8 and has already secured a camera. Well, the best thing, Michael explains, is to use a Pro8mm kit from the FPP store, because included in the cost you get both the processing and digitalization of the film! Best way to do it, if you’re new to the format! Looking at shooting Super8 yourself this holiday season, check out the FPP store for the best prices on Super8 film!

Cinestill Giveaway!
It’s been some time since we’ve done a giveaway on the show! But we have a new one! While the old giveaways morphed into the well received and much loved School Donation Program, we have a mystery box of eight rolls of Cinestill 50D film, that’s seven rolls in 35mm and a single 120 roll. Cinestill film is just Kodak Vision3 film, but through some magical process they have already removed the Remjet layer from the film so it can be processed at any C-41 lab! To enter, all you need to do is send us an email, with Cinestill Giveaway in the subject line. Also be sure to include a short note about yourself!

Kickstarter Roundup
These past couple months have been jam-packed with Photography Related crowdfunding campaigns, and Mark’s here to give us some updates! First up there’s a couple of bad-news campaigns, first is the Hasselblad Square Instax processor this particular one ended up being cancelled several days in. The reason is that the creator needs to work on improving the product and hopes to have a new campaign started up! A similar project the Rezivot which was the larger Instax Wide Universal processor failed to reach its funding goal. But we’re not just bringing bad news; we’re happy to report that Dusty’s Box Camera Rebirth Campaign got successfully funded and he’s been posting updates like mad! And while Silberra did not reach their complete goal, they still got around 35,000$ in funds so we’ll all be seeing the film in the new year, it’ll just be in plain packages. And finally there’s a new campaign that is on the home stretch. Gibillini out of Italy is producing brand new sheet film holders for 4x5, 8x10, and 11x14. Now, these may look and act like the old plastic and wooden holders we’re used to, but these are milled aluminium! Now, the campaign has five days left and is already past the funding goal, but there’s still plenty of time to throw in some cash to help out!

C-41 – New Cost for Shipping
We’ve received lots of emails about our home C-41 Development kit, both that’s so easy to use and develop your colour negatives at home, but also that it costs a lot of money to ship the product! Well we at the FPP have been working hard and now have a new format for our C-41 kit. We’ve ditched the box so that it all fits in a smaller pouch and can now make it for first-class postage rates! That about halves the cost of shipping, for anywhere in the world! Of course, the next thing to adapt is the E-6 kit, but that will be tougher as it’s mostly liquid.

Fakmatic – An Update
We’ve been talking up the Fakmatic and Instamatic (126) for the past several shows now and today’s no different! The biggest thing to say is that we’ve solved a major issue! In previous shows, it’s been mentioned that the Fakmatic (An 3D printed adapter that allows you to respool 35mm film for use in 126 (Instamatic) Cameras) will only work in the higher-end cameras. Through some playing around Michael Raso has finally figured out why! The Fakmatic cartridge has a divot that’s preventing the shutter cocking pin from travelling. All you need to do is knock out that divot and the adapter will work perfectly! In the store, the Fakmatic has been a huge seller, which is no surprise as there are hundreds of Instamatic and 126 cameras out there, and Michael and Mark have been shooting every single camera they can get their hands on. The one that seems to be a favourite is the Kodak Instamatic X-15. The camera produced from 1970 to 1976 is a Model T of Instamatics with a fixed focus 43mm f/11 lens and two shutter speeds 1/90” and 1/45”, the later used when a magic cube flash is installed. Of course, there’s still some weird manoeuvring you have to do when shooting 35mm in your Instamatic cameras. The first thing is that 126 film had only a single sprocket per frame, so it takes about three winds to advance your 35mm film, but with the constant sprocket holes, you need to cover your lens for the cycles. Or you can just embrace the weird and let it create strange panoramic shots. But what are the next steps? Well first off we are hoping that someone (Lomography) begins production of proper 126 film, and secondly, for 2018 Michael has been working hard on respelling B&W and Colour film into old 126 cartridges with backing paper for sale in the FPP store!

Mike & Johns MEADOWLANDS SHOWCASE Christmas Specials!
Before the Film Photography Podcast, there was...Meadowlands Showcase! 1988 - 1990 Meadowlands Showcase Christmas episodes featuring The Hungry Dutchmen, Bite The Wax Godhead, The Trackman and more! And the best part you can still watch the Showcase on Amazon Prime or YouTube Streaming!

Well, that’s it for this show, but don’t worry we’ll be back in 2018 with our New Years Day show. Until then we’d love to hear from you, you can send your notes to or by post to We all at the FPP wish you happy holidays Film Photography Podcast PO Box 264 Fair Lawn, NJ 07410 and a joyous new year!


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