Film Photography Podcast 174

Posted: 11/16/2017

Film Photography Podcast 174
November 16, 2017

In this special DAILY edition podcast, Michael Raso, John Fedele and Mark Dalzell converge on FPP HQ in Fair Lawn NJ to bring you a special Film Photography Crowdfunding Update! With so much going on at such platforms as Kickstarter and Indiegogo, we couldn't wait til next week!

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Show notes by Michael Raso

Podcast 174 Chapters

0:00:32 Introductions Michael Raso, John Fedele and Mark Dalzell
0:01:06 Box Camera Rebirth Kickstarter. Whoot!
0:02:56 Boyd's Boxers is funded (aka Box Camera Rebirth). Double Woot!
0:03:52 Discussion of John's voices and accent
0:06:06 Letter from Rudy of Ireland
0:08:55 Darkrooms developing film with remjet listed
0:10:14 Letter
0:12:07 What happened to Galaxy paper?
0:12:57 Letter re: monobath how it works? (not answered again by the way)
0:14:45 Letter Super 8 processing at home - search YouTube - Lomo tank
0:17:01 Retro 8 film to digital machine for movie film
0:19:23 Break
0:20:47 Kickstarter roundup
0:21:02 The Reflex SLR camera - Interchangable mounts (Nikon F, Olympus OM, M42 etc) - fully funded kickstarter
0:31:09 Ihagee Elbaflex 35mm SLR camera kickstarter. Uses Nikon F mount.
0:36:12 Letter re: shipping $ from FPP store to Canada
0:39:00 Some status on other kickstarters. Rezivot etc.
0:41:26 Silberra film on Indiegogo.
0:43:59 KISS comic book by Marvel promotional stunt discussed
0:46:50 Closing comments and Music to close
0:51:55 News audio re KISS comic book and more.

Today we open up the show with some listener letters and a discussion of 8mm home movies. I mention that recently a listener sent me an 8mm film from 1947 and I describe the process of getting the moving pictures off the film reel and on to YouTube. You can see my latest YouTube video -  8mm Home Movie Showcase - Rockaway Park NY 1948 HERE


Film photography, much like vinyl amongst music lovers, has proven timeless with a large, loyal and constantly growing fanbase of photographers and enthusiasts who cherish the tangible format of film. Despite the vast selection of digital cameras on the market and the rapid advancement of smartphone camera quality, analogue photography has proven irreplaceable.

Reflex pairs the nostalgia of film with high-quality technology, to bring the experience of shooting on film to a new generation of photographers.

Silberra B&W Photographic Films
Let's build a small b&w film manufacturer together and we will reward you with several new films!

We've started this campaign to help upscale our manufacturing facilities in order to offer these new films throughout the world. We won't manage up-scaling without your help! Since 2009 we've been manufacturing supplies for analog photography. We started it in our own lab, relying on the recipes we managed to acquire from different sources: encyclopedias, chemistry books, photographic guidebooks and many others. We've been studying chemistry, reinventing the solutions, trying to bring back the variety of the developers and auxiliary solutions from the times when analog photography flourished.

To expand photographic creativity, we need a brand new gadget. In recent years we have slowly lost our options in Instant film photography, but film photography is not dead, with a lot of people still shooting with films all over the globe, even more and more people joining-in too.

Since 2015, we decided to make a new start from nothing. An instant film processor design used Fujifilm Instax wide film as our first step, mini instax versions will be our next projects.

An instant film back for Hasselblad cameras that takes the new Fuji Instax Square Film. Capture the fun and spontaneity of instax film whilst using the versatility and quality of your Hasselblad. Peel apart film may be gone but this is the next best thing (some say better because you can get Instax anywhere!) It has a manual wind on, so no batteries to recharge; just like your Hasselblad it’s always ready to go!  Obviously you still have all the benefits of your Hasselblad; amazing lenses, complete creative control and a huge bright viewfinder but now you also have instant photos you can keep, give away or just use it to check your shot.

That's it for today. We'd love to hear from you. Please write us at
We'll be back next week!


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