Film Photography Podcast 172

Posted: 11/07/2017

Topics today including Michael’s newest movie, Negative Solutions, Kickstarterapalooza, lots of letters and much more! Keep your hands on the wheel and your hands-free on us!

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0:00:24 Special edition - commuter special. Michael Raso, John Fedele, Mark Dalzell
0:01:27 Ghastlies – A New Film (movie). Trailer:
0:03:28 Short 8 track audio format discussion (really short)
0:04:08 Letter from Nick who runs Negative Solutions - maker of custom scanner film holders
0:06:00 Letters Aussie Phil, Jeff Greenstein (
0:12:11 Letter Aussie Pete for DIY reel conversion of a Jobo reel for Minox developing
0:13:46 Letter - Help I have GAS!
0:16:56 Letter - Minox dimension correction - one more for the stack of such
0:21:44 Break
0:24:21 Kickstarter roundup about to start but first discuss Mamiya RB67
0:26:28 Quick veiled reference to Star Trek Next Generation episode Season one Data and Lt. Yar.
0:28:59 Kickstarter Rezivot Instant Film Processor - Filmback for some MF and 4x5 cameras using Instax
0:34:57 Kickstarter Malefic Camera
0:37:37 Kickstarter Box Camera Rebirth - box cameras for elementary students and host an exhibit
0:45:17 Drive time podcast signoff and Music to close.

Film Photography Podcast – Episode 172 – November 8, 2017
Show Notes by Alex Luyckx

We’re on the drive-time radio all this month! That’s right, for November the FPP will be delivered to you once a week! We have so many fans that listen to us on their daily commute or their long haul jobs so this month is dedicated to them! Online today with Michael Raso is Mark Dalzell and John Fedele! Topics today including Michael’s newest movie, Negative Solutions, Kickstarterpaloza, lots of letters and much more! Keep your hands on the wheel and your hands-free on us!

Ghastlies – A New Film from Alternative Cinema
If you’ve been a fan of the show (what show!), you’ll know that Michael’s main gig is running the small-budget movie production house Alternative Cinema and they’ve just released their latest film today! That’s right, from Canadian Horror Director Brett Kelly comes Ghastlies, fresh on Blu-Ray/DVD or on the Amazon Prime streaming service. These pint-sized creatures crash a sorority initiation party in an homage to the puppet/pint-sized horror flicks of the 1980s! Don’t expect much from this micro-budget production but if that’s your thing, you’re in for a treat! Check out the trailer on YouTube and then pick it up over on Alternative Cinema!

Positive Developments from Negative Solutions
Back in Episode 170 the gang discussed the challenges of scanning odd-ball film formats that just aren’t produced on the regular anymore. Of course in his journeys through eBay, Michael came across a company that produces film holders for these stocks like 116, 616, 127, APS, and more. Well since then we’ve received a note from Nick, the man behind Negative Solutions thanking us for the shout out! Nick started the project to produce a quality product that won’t break the bank and love that there are still folks out there who shoot these formats or have the need to scan old family negatives to preserve and show them off! You can check out Negative Solutions online at

Love it or hate it, Kickstarter has brought many amazing photography products to life! And we at the FPP love to keep our eye on the site to pick out projects to support. On our radar today are three projects that are just started or need help to reach their goal. First up is a newcomer project that came to us out of nowhere. The Rezivot Instant Film Processor brings back instant film to medium and large format cameras. Using either Fuji Instax Wide or Instax square this device snaps into the old Polaroid pack film holders (Type-100) allow you to again ‘proof’ your image before shooting it on roll/sheet film. Or to just have some fun! A single unit in either square or wide will run 219$ on the campaign with the final goal being 230,000$ Now there are still 38 days left, but at publishing, there’s still a wide gap in the funding. Now the one thing the campaign has going for it is the company behind it already has a working prototype, and the results are pretty good! The second campaign might seem oddly familiar if you backed the Wanderlust Travel-Wide camera. The Malefic Camera is a mold-injected plastic compact 4x5 camera. But unlike the Travel-Wide this camera can take different lenses not just wide-angle. A fixed focus version will run 129 Euros (approx. 150 USD), and the version that has a focusing helical is 178 Euros (approx. 206 USD). The campaign has six days left and has a serious funding gap. Probably due to the similarities to the Travel-Wide according to the gang. The final project today is something a little different, rather than a product Box Camera Rebirth is a school photography project out of Texas that introduces students to the simple joys of shooting with a box camera. The goal is to acquire the cameras, film, and processing and put together a student-run photo show. With a goal of 3,000$ and less than 300$ raised there’s still eight days left to make up the gap.

That’s it for this episode, but don’t fret we’ll be doing the weekly thing this month! So you’ll only have to wait a week for our next episode! Until then, you can join in the conversation over on our official Flickr Group or if you want to write us directly you can shoot us an email or by regular post Film Photography Podcast PO Box 264 Fair Lawn, NJ 07410! Until next time, drive safe!


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