Film Photography Podcast 162

Posted: 05/01/2017

Film Photography Project – Episode 162 – May 1, 2017

FPP roundtable discussions include Panoramic Cameras, Photostock 2017, Book of the Week, Lens Fungus, Listener Letters and more!

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Show Notes:

The gang’s all here! That’s right, Michael Raso is joined in studio by Mat Marash, Leslie Lazenby, John Fedeleand Mark O’Brien!

0:00:17 Introductions Michael Raso, Mat Marrash, John Fedele, Leslie Lazenby, and Mark O'Brien
0:00:36 Letter - Long exposures and reciprocity failure of Ilford Delta 100. Advice: Google for film type's compensating exposure.
0:05:08 Letter - 120 Film preservers (Print File) in FPP Store? YES! 35mm, 120, 4x5 and for Slides!
0:06:23 Letter - pics of kids in the darkroom.
0:06:44 Letter - Student discount? FPP items are already rock bottom priced.
0:08:55 Letter - Follow up from a middle school teacher's film club.
0:10:17 Panoramic. Various cameras that offer that as option and others (e.g. Holga back) and caveats.
0:20:21 Panoramic 120 film cameras mentioned.
0:25:03 Panoramic DIY plans, Banquet cameras, Cirkut cameras
0:33:00 Getting started with Panoramic.
0:34:11 Break
0:35:09 Photostock in Michigan. June 15 - 18. $85 registration (until May 10th)
0:40:42 Break
0:42:20 Book Review Photo Craft Cool Things to Do... ISBN-10: 0821261959
0:45:54 Raso orders pizza
0:49:19 Fungus on a lens and as extra bonus House Dust Mites.
0:58:38 Signoff and Music to close

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