Film Photography Podcast / Episode 69 – November 1, 2012

Posted: 10/29/2012

Film Photography Podcast / Episode 69 – November 1, 2012

The internet radio show for people who love to shoot film! Michael Raso and Mat Marrash are joined by illustrator Lauren Bagley and special guest Australian photographer Daniel Klaas. Intro to Large Format! FPP Debonair Camera! Models and Release Forms! More!

above: Daniel Klaas shot with Michael Raso's newly discovered Canon T70 on Kodak Tri-X film

 All the way from the other side of the world, Daniel Klaas  joins the FPP from Australia. Daniel who was introduced to the FPP through another friend of the Podcast, April-Lea Hutchinson and joins the gang on a trip to the USA. He picked up photography just to document life in Austria, and soon fell into model and portrait photography.

above: FPP fav April-Lea Hutchinson (with her Polaroid 420! shot on Kodachrome) introduces Daniel Klaas to the FPP!

 His first camera was a Holga (which he still has), but shoots now with a Hassleblad, Mamyia, Rolleiflex, and Polaroid cameras as well. Loaded into his cameras, he does prefer to shoot with Ilford films for black & white, Delta 3200 specifically (natural light indoors, the speed is needed), along with HP5 and Tri-X. (For color, Kodak Portra 400 almost exclusivly). He sees a lot of work through model agencies, because people these days, as Mat says, don’t care how you got the image and the equipment you used, they look for the content of the image more so if it’s what they want, they’ll hire you. To see some of Daniel's wonderful works check out his website or flickr!

Get a Release! Above: Mela Nichols shot by Michael Raso on the Polaroid 300 camera (Model release secured)

Get a Release! Speaking of models, the topic of Model Releases comes up. Mike, coming from his background in film and television production cannot stress enough the importance of getting a model release signed. Publishers and production houses will always require it. And besides that it’s just good business, you protect not only yourself but your clients as well. And it doesn’t need to be your traditional signed paper document (although it helps) any sort of paper trail, even email, will be enough to protect your work if the model decides they want their image removed, or if you want to sell your image, it’s good to know that the model is okay with that by the signed document. Pad of Release Forms available right HERE at The FPP!

above: The FPP Model Release in the FP Store

It’s also a good idea to get proof of age of the model; some countries require that you do, especially if you shoot artistic nudes. If you check out the Model Release Pad in the FPP store, you can find a pad of model releases that you can bring to your shoot, have the subject sign it and off you go. Or you can go online and find templates that you can use and modify to your own tastes.

above: Daniel Klaas shooting with Mat's Eastman Commercial 8x10 camera. / Image by Michael Raso shot with the Ansco 202 on Fukkatsu 400 (Color 110 film)

So you want to shoot large format!

You’ve seen the wonderful images in our flickr pool, you’ve been to a meetup and seen all these huge cameras. Now you want to jump in and do it yourself. The large format question has been sent into the FPP many times now, and it’s been discussed on the show. Now Mat is putting together a three part blog piece for the FPP (read Part 1 here!) that will be your introduction the Large Format. You’ll get everything from selecting a camera, the types of cameras out there, lenses, meters, accessories, even what you need to do processing of the large format films, the films that are out there as well. This is a huge investment and one not to be scared of either With time, patience, research, and practice you’ll get it, and after that it’ll only get easier. So if you’re thinking of going Large Format, try and find a photographer friend who has the camera and see if they’re willing to help you out, and see if Large Format is indeed for you.
With an Australian in the house, Daniel is asked to read a letter from Steve Clark, the recent winner of the Polaroid Super Shooter. The winner, also happens to hail from the land down under, he even sent in some sample images that he took with the camera on FP-3000b film. Visit Steve Clark's website at:

Steve Clark was the winner of the Polaroid Super Shooter camera! Above is a shot taken with this awesome camera by Steve!

above: Mat Marrash and Daniel Klaas in the FPP Studio. Below: Lauren Bagley at the FPP (Both shot by Michael Raso on the FPP 120 Debonair Camera - exclusively in the FPP Store!

Lastly, the gang reminds us all to just go out and shoot. Time is starting to run out for all that expired Polaroid you have laying around, shoot some E-6 slide film as well! There are still lots of labs out there that process it. And that’s it for now, see you all in two weeks with the BIG Pdn Photo Expo Show featuring all- new interviews with Kodak, FujiFilm, Freestyle Photograpic and more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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