Film Photography Podcast Episode 61 – June 1, 2012

Posted: 05/31/2012

110 Film is Back! FPP Meet-Ups! How to Prepare for Your Gallery Show! The FED 5v! The Brick – Argus C3! Canon TL Giveaway! Darkroom Tips and Lots More!!!

above photo: An unearthly image shot by Dane Johnson on his Fed5v!

Show Notes

Film Photography Podcast Episode 61 – June 1, 2012 - SHOW NOTES by Alex Luyckx

June 1st round table show hosted by the whole gang, Michael Raso, John Fedele, Mat Marrash, Dane Jonnson, and Mark Dalzell. Topics include a big 110 film announcement, cool upcoming film photography meetups for the summer, preparing for a gallery show, starting a personal project, the Canon FL Series of SLR cameras, Mat’s 2012 darkroom workshops, Russian Rangefinder the Fed 5v, the All-American Argus C3, and even room for a Book of the Month and Darkroom tips!

Michael Raso is over the moon with Lomography’s big 110 film announcement with their introduction of the Orca 110 black and white film! FPP previously announced that 2012 is the year of 110 film and with the initial production run of the Lomography 110 (5,000 units), you better pick up some of the new stock before it’s gone! Need a 110 camera, look at the FPP store!

Mat hits the road to give us the scoop on the hot summer film photography meet ups. Photostock 2012, organized through APUG is taking place in Harbor Springs, MI June 21 – 24th. For more details and to register (don’t worry it’s free) go to (both Mat and Alex Luyckx from Canada will be in attendance!) Also through APUG is the NE Ohio meet up which is taking place on July 27 – 29th in Akron, OH. A great event to meet local photographers and get a chance to see alternative processes and talk shop with others. Hit up the Great Lakes Regional Forum on APUG for more details.

Aperture Tremont’s ANALOG PULSE weekend takes place in Cleveland, OH June 29th through July 1st with photo walks through historic Cleveland, contests, workshops, and a fantastic party, sponsored by Aperture Tremont, Impossible Project, Old School Photo Lab, and the FPP, for details check out the FPP events page.

Let’s not forget the FPP UK Photowalk that goes down on June 9th (that’s in just over a week!) for details hit up the FPP Events Page. The day is being organized by FPP UK contributor Darren "Pancho" Riley! Speaking of Pancho, check out his awesome I DRAW POP STARS video below!!!!

Mat having recently completed his Dapper Gallery show (pictured above) is asked by Mike what exactly goes into preparing for a gallery show (what show)! Mat brings some excellent advice to anyone looking to get into getting their work into a gallery (or even a local coffee shop), from finding a place to show your work, giving yourself lots of time to get your work ready, choosing the show’s content using both your own opinion and getting the views of others who are willing to give an honest critique, and of course to remain through all this super positive (and being ready for rejection).

Since Mat’s show Dapper was based on a personal Project, Mike brings up the subject talking about his own project (that he stumbled upon by chance) of photographing the buildings around Butler, NJ and comparing them to historical images published in a book at the Butler Historical Society. Always be ready for a project one may be right under your nose or just around the corner! But most important, Mat chimes in, do it for yourself, enjoy it, and you will come out with a great body of work.

Mike reviews the Canon FL series of SLR cameras. The line of lenses and cameras ran from 1964 to 1971 (when they were replaced by the FD line in 1971, but you could mount FL lenses on the FD mount and vice-versa). The Canon FX camera was the first of the line, and the Canon TL (1968) was the final model in the FL line. In fact, the FPP has a Canon TL to give away! This all metal camera has a Canon FL f1.8 lens and the famous Canon QL (quick load) feature - to win, go to the Giveaways page and tell us about yourself and why you want this wonderful piece of equipment!

Dane show’s off his latest find - a Russian “Cold War” camera the Fed 5v. This rangefinder was introduced in the 1970s, and were not available to North American markets until after the iron curtain fell. This beast of a camera (that works wonderfully after an easy fix to adjust the rangefinder), produces soft flat images - great for cross processing, and contrasty b/w films. Just remember to cover the PC socket…Dane got a couple shocks before doing this! Next up, Mark shows off his new camera- an All-American brick (better known as the Argus C3) - another 35mm rangefinder that dates back to the 1950s. It features an interchangeable lens system but you have to disassemble the front of the camera a bit to change lenses. Mat suggests that if you want one, head to the mid-west. People use them as paper-weights and are numerous in antique store, you can easily pick one up for 10-20 dollars.

The book of the month for this show comes from deep in the FPP library - Existing Light Photography from the Kodak Workshop Series. As Mat puts it, it helps you get that 1980s light - balancing natural lights and strobes and knowing when to use filters and what filters to use. It’s a great primer for those just getting into off camera flash photography. It’s not in print anymore, but you might be able to find it on ebay or used on Amazon.
For the Darkroom Tips, Mat explains how to  calibrate your equipment. Mat explains that you don’t need a degree in mathematics. It’s all about consistency , taking notes, writing down  how much chemicals you are using for your processing times, the height of the enlarger, the aperture and temperature. If you do this, you’ll find you can develop and print saving both time and money. Mat is running a series of workshops over the summer - check out his site for more details. Mark uses the opportunity to quiz Mat on Kodak’s HC-110 developer. Mat is more than happy to explain that HC-110 is a black and white developer that unlike D-76 can be stored for longer periods of time and produces a fine grain, sharp image

That’s it for June 1st! The boys will see you in London on the 9th and back here on the Internet Radio on June 15th – that’s only two weeks! (John; “Two, weeks! two, weeks…whaddya a bird!”)


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