Film Photography Podcast Episode 52 – January 1, 2012

Posted: 12/30/2011

The Epic New Year Show!!! Nikon FM Review and Giveaway! Polaroid Party! Chrome Film! Shooting Model Basics! Studio Lighting! Hosted by Michael Raso and Mat Marrash with Guests Dan Domme, Alex Luyckx and Hunter White.

Show Notes

Film Photography Podcast Episode 52 / January 1, 2012 

Michael Raso and Mat Marrash arrive at the studio early and open the show discussing shooting with the Polaroid Sun 660 instant camera and Impossible Project Gold-Framed PX 680 film.

For those of reading who do not know, Polaroid stopped making instant film in 2008, ending their 50+ year reign as the one and only instant photography kings. Fujifilm in Japan picked up the ball by producing “some” instant film for older Polaroid “pack cameras,” but a huge void was left as no company was producing film for the millions of Polaroid SX-70 and 600 cameras in the world.

Enter The Impossible Project, a group of ambitious entrepreneurs who purchased the Polaroid factory in Enschede, Netherlands and hired some former Polaroid engineers. Their promise - to produce new integral film for existing Polaroid cameras. Impossible has made good on their promises and has introduced the first new color film for Polaroid 600 – Impossible PX 680 Color Shade.

The film is very sensitive to light and it’s best to place the film in a dark, warm pocket after shooting. FPP Guys Mike and Mat take the step a bit further and heat the film under a 650 studio light while chatting.

While chatting Michael conducts an impromptu interview with Mat asking him how he got started shooting film.

In December 2011, Mat helped organize a Polaroid Party at Findlay University. He recorded a bunch of interviews and the boys “roll the tape” while stepping at to the local Baja Fresh for a bite to eat.

above: Lauren Bagley at the Polaroid Party! Image by Alex Luyckx

The Gang’s All Here

Michael Raso introduces FPP’s biggest roundtable discussion to date! Mike and Mat introduce Dan Domme, Alex Luyckx and Hunter White.

After a brief break, Michael chats about the availability of fresh 110 film and processing, prints and scans from The Darkroom in California, USA.

Shooting Models / Studio Lighting

The gang has a lively discussion on shooting people using tungsten lights in a studio.

Celebrating Chrome Film

Discussion about color transparancy (or slide) film. FPP is giving away chrome film!

The Nikon FM 2 Review
Alex gives a comprehensive review of this well-regarded camera. A well-used, donated Nikon FM qith a Tamron 35 – 80mm lens is being given away this month!!!

Happy New Year! See you in two weeks!!!



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