Episode 42 – September 1, 2011

Posted: 08/30/2011

It’s the large format episode! Tales from Photostock 2011 featuring Bill Schwab, BW darkroom intro & much more! Hosted by Michael Raso, Mat Marrash with special guest Dan Domme.

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In the first half of the show, the gang gathers around the fire to listen to Mat’s tales from Photostock 2011.  Held anually in northern Michican, Photostock is an event for open-minded photographers to come together for four days and geek out about photography.  Hosted by Bill Schwab, the event caters to all photographers, who use everything from 35mm to ultra-large format, wet plate collodion, and even digital photographers!  Hear from such attendees as Thomas Bertilsson, Andrew Moxom, James Mullineaux, Kiran Bhat, and more!  With such a “super positive” atmosphere, will the FPP make a more substantial showing next year?

Impromptu Darkroom Day - second day of the Mid-West FPP Meet Up ( in Findlay, Ohio)
Image © 2011 Michael Raso
Saturday, July 16. 2011
Polaroid Colorpack II camera
Fujifilm FP-100c instant color film

As we wrap up the coverage of Photostock, we talk about all things darkroom.  We recount a full day of film developing and silver gelatin printing in the University of Findlay darkroom!  We talk about everything involved in the film developing process from start to finish, even making contact sheets!  Mat also discusses an upcoming FPP video regarding how you can develop large format film.  Mike anticipates the questions that listeners who are new to these processes may have, so Dan and Mat can address your concerns.  We even go over the mystical art of printing with enlargers and setting up your own small-scale darkroom.  You can even learn how you can avoid brain damage!  (Well, not counting what you get by just listening to the FPP.)

Got processing or printing questions that we didn’t answer?  Send it on over to the FPP - (Podcast@filmphotographyproject.com)


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