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Posted: 04/06/2015

emimage-flickr-14369863926 photo

Photographer: ihavenowords

FPP listener John (ihavenowords on Flickr) says:

"Hi. I've been listening (to the FPP show) for about 3 years after getting a serious film habit about 9 years ago, and I love the camera talk (though I should confess I also use digital too). Anyway, Michael's ongoing Eos love made me want to share my favourite gem from the 90's, the Eos5. It's very fast, solid and capable, but also very cheap and unloved due to an early production control dial fault. Had mine for 3 years now and absolutely love it for auto focus film stuff paired with the 50 1.8 or the 17 - 40 And some Acros 100. Anyway,  thanks for all the everything."

Photo: Strumpshaw Steam Rally, Norfolk.

Kodak Tmax 400 in expired TMax developer, so guessed at an extended time.
Canon EOS 5 with EF 17-40 f4L.


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