Redscale Duet

Posted: 02/12/2015

emimage-flickr-16510257755 photo


Crystal Spellman

Red Scale images with Fujica ST701 and Lomography Redscale at 200 (ish... loosely interpreting the sunny 16 rule)

Dwayne's Photo processed and scanned these for me and I made some brightness/contrast adjustments.

image: Otto Armleder Memorial Park. Cincinnati, Ohio.

Crystal Spellman on Flickr

What is Red Scale Film? "Redscale is the name given to a technique of shooting photographic film where the film is exposed from the wrong side, i.e. the emulsion is exposed through the base of the film. The name "redscale" comes because there is a strong color shift to red due to the red-sensitive layer of the film being exposed first." -

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