Tim Lander, Analogue

Posted: 01/13/2012

emimage-flickr-6606955899 photo


Victor Anthony (victorsez)

Canadian poet, musician, writer, sailor and occupier.

Dan Domme's commentary:

An excellent character portrait.  Simple setup with an Olympus Trip 35 loaded with Ilford’s XP2 film, which is developed in C-41 chemistry.  A good example of a photograph driven by an interesting subject instead of fancy equipment, and a great way to wrap up 2011.

Victor on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/21965819@N04/

In January 2012, regular FPP contributor Dan Domme picked his top 18 favorite images from Film Photography Podcast listeners for 2011. Dan Domme is a film photography enthusiast and PhD student in the Acoustics department of Penn State University. Dan has his own photo blog here: http://dommephoto.wordpress.com/



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