Posted: 01/13/2012

emimage-flickr-6090146233 photo


Nasir Hamid (bossnas)

Recovered negative from Fuji FP100-C.
Mamiya RZ67, 150mm.

It wasn't until I peeled the pack film print that I noticed how much Ashley looks like Penelope Cruz.

Lighting info: Profoto D1 Air 500 into Softlighter high camera right.

Dan Domme's comments: This one caught my eye because of the contrast between the model's beauty and the rough edges left behind by a peel-apart Polaroid.  Could even be interpreted as something deeper - maybe a critique on the harsh realities of the fashion photography world?

Nasir Hamid on Flickr:

In January 2012, regular FPP contributor Dan Domme picked his top 18 favorite images from Film Photography Podcast listeners for 2011. Dan Domme is a film photography enthusiast and PhD student in the Acoustics department of Penn State University. Dan has his own photo blog here:


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