Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim!

Posted: 03/05/2015

Here's a nifty and ultra-cool plastic camera - the discontinued Vivitar “point and shoot” ULTRA WIDE & SLIM camera.

The all mechanical / all plastic camera uses 35mm film and has no electronics or need for a battery to function.

With a fixed f11 aperture and a w-i-d-e 22mm lens, the camera delivers gorgeous lo-fi pictures.

Current price tag on e-bay: $50. (if your lucky to find one). Occasionally the FPP On-Line Store 35mm Camera Page will have inventory on vintage Viv Ultra Wide & Slim cameras or the SuperHeadz "Slim Devil" (same as the Ultra Wide & Slim!)

above: Shot in tungsten lighting using my Canon FTb / 50mm ssc lens and Fujicolor Supera 200 color print film. Processing and scan by Clark Color Labs.

9/15/2010Vivitar Untra Wide & Slim cameraKodachrome 64 (expired 2007)



images above: Squeezing the last days of Summer 2010 on a photo walk with my Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim Camera and Kodachrome 64 film.

More Ultra Wide and Slim shots here.

Love the camera and certainly easy to carry in your pocket for outdoor shooting!
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