The LUBITEL 166u and The Case of the Sticky Shutter

Posted: 11/23/2014

Blog by Michael Raso

It is painful joy testing a newly acquired vintage camera to discover that its quirky goodness is tainted by a mechanical defect. Such is the case with "new to me" 1980s model Lubitel 166u 6x6 Lomo camera.

I “got it” on e-bay for a very reasonable $ only to discover that the shutter “sticks” at 1/30th second (and below). Bummer...since it was advertised as “shutter works all speeds.”

The Lubitel 166U was made by Lomo in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), Russia. I suspect that the model I own was made sometime in the 1980s. Lens says Made in the USSR. Camera-Wiki page -

It's plastic, lightweight and almost impossible to focus. I repeat…impossible to Focus. So, I guessed the focal distance and used the top viewfinder to compose my shots only. Once I got past the focus issue, it was smooth sailing.

I’m pleased with the shots. Damn that sticky shutter though!

Rudy's Bar & Grill
"A New York City Landmark. Cheap Booze & Free Hot Dogs!"
so says a newspaper review taped to the window.


Alan Walker of The Smoove Sailors shot on Verichrome Pan film


Coffee Break!
That sticky shutter at 1/30thsec (and flash) delivered this COFFEE nightmare!



John Fedele on the skins! Shot on Kodak Verichrome Pan film.

The awesome Verichrome Pan film can be found at The FPP On-Line Store!

All images © Michael L. Raso


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