Get Your Glow On! PolyPan F BW Film!

Posted: 03/18/2014

Since announcing that PolyPan F would be available in the FPP On-Line Store, the response was so great that we sold out in less than 24 hours! The new batch is now available! I'm so thrilled at the enthusiasm over this  unique black and white film and I hope to see your PolyPan images! If you haven't visited the FPP Group on Flickr, I hope you will - to share your Poly F images! Super thanks to Mike B! It was his idea to make available 35mm rolls (as the film was only previously available as bulk-load film). Thanks, Mike B!

- Michael Raso, FPP


SHOOTING POLYPAN F! - Guest Blog by Mike B.

As many know, I am a large advocate of Polypan F film.  It's a Cinecopy film, that has little to no anti-halation layer, and can give beautiful bloom effects in bright light.  It is also a very thin film, but surprisingly doesn't scratch easily, perhaps because it is a cinefilm it needs to be robust.

There has been some speculation as to the origins of this film.  Anywhere from it being a Ilford PanF type of film, or some late-run Agfa film.  But in truth, there is only speculation, but word is, and this is still, again, speculation, a Last-Run B&W Cinecopy film from the Shostka Film Company in Russia.  They have been defunct since around 2000 when the Svema film company bought it, which also closed down in 2006.  One thing that I know, is that I just love using this film.  Sure, it's slow, and sure it isn't the most fine grained film there is, but that's fine with me.



above: "Cold Stone Ingredients" - Canon T-80 35mm SLR - Canon AC 35-70 ƒ/3.5-4.5 Macro / Polypan F @EI80 - Developed in Diafine 5+4

below: "A Pair Of Exaktas" - Rolleicord V TLR - Schneider-Xenar Kreuznach 75mm ƒ/3.5
Polypan F - Developed in TMAX Developer 1+9


Or perhaps there's just something there that I cannot put my finger on, and just have to accept that for as long as Polypan is around, I will continue to use it...

A truly wonderful film!

Visit Mike B.'s blog - and Flickr page -



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