Pentax Auto 110 SLR Film Camera

Posted: 08/10/2011

Image © 2009 Michael L. Raso
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Shot w/
Canon AE-1 Program camera
Kodachrome 25 (film expired 11/1987)
Processing by Dwayne's Photo
Scanned on Epson v700

Blog originally posted 08/01/2009

Editor's Note:  We're (The FPP) is on the verge of announcing some amazing news about 110 film so I thought it would be great to pull up some older 110 film blogs and push them "front and center." This blog focuses on MY FAVORITE 110 camera - the Pentax Auto 110!!!  - Michael Raso, August 2011

Update January 4, 2012: The FPP Store now stocks fresh 100asa and 200asa 110 film! Processing AND scanning available at The Darkroom!


The number of new and used vintage film cameras on e-bay fascinates me.

My latest rediscovery is the 110 film format. Unknown to most, Pentax made an unbelievably small SLR camera system for the 110 format called the Pentax Auto 110. A miniature single lens reflex camera that was introduced late in the 110 film format market.

The 110 film cartridge has garnered little respect over the years and by now is almost forgotten (although my Aunt Linda still shows up at family functions with her trusty Kodak pocket 110 camera!). When I mention the format to friends they give me a blank look followed by “ohhhh, yeaa…110.”

Many of these camera systems are still available (both new and used) on e-bay. I just started shooting with it and here are a few images. Big news soon about 110 film!



Shot info: 1978 Pentax Auto 110 SLR Camera.
Kodak Ultra 110 Color Print Film (400asa)
More on the Auto 110:



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