Ian’s Trip 35

Posted: 07/19/2010

This past May I received an e-mail from Ian Cook praising the Olympus Trip 35 (35mm film camera).

OLYMPUS TRIP 35 © Ian Cook

Ian said:
I don't know what it's like in the usa, but over here - in the uk [and in other countries, too] - the old, olympus trip 35 camera is having a bit of a resurgence; i picked up my first one, for £3 [$5, i guess] just over a year ago - and haven't stopped shooting with it, since! in fact, i was so impressed with them, that i completely dumped my £20,000 leica-collection! lol.

Perhaps you could spotlight them in one of your future podcasts? here is the main group, which i am part of [i was shocked to discover, a few weeks ago, that i'm now its second most-prolific image-contributor!] - and this is my photostream - maybe you guys could pick one up, and see what you think of it? [if you aren't already aware of/using them].

Many thanks for several thousand entertaining minutes, so far! i love the jersey-spin on the fpp : ]"

A large portion of Ian's Flickr Photostream was shot with the Olympus Trip 35 camera!

Well, I couldn't resist. I logged on to e-bay UK and purchased my very own Trip 35. Upon receiving I searched for the battery compartment. Amazingly, the camera needs no batteries to run the internal light meter.

Camera enthusiast Ken Rockwell said:
The Olympus Trip 35 operates completely without batteries. Its light meter and programmed automatic exposure system is solar powered! This makes it one of the world's most advanced cameras which provides fully automatic exposure completely without batteries or external electrical power.

This camera is a modern marvel of the post WWII generation. An amazing discovery. Thank you, Ian! (What an excellent camera to distract me from my current Polaroid Obsession!)


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