Ladies and Gentlemen, The Ansco B2 Speedex Junior

Posted: 05/08/2010


I purchased this beautiful vintage Ansco camera for $0.99us on e-bay. It’s fast becoming one of my favorite 120 cameras. Not a great deal of information on the web but I was able to find the following:

  • Made in (or around) 1945 in the US

  • Uses 120 film

  • 1/30th sec shutter

  • f-stops 11 through32

  • Has "time" mode for long exposures

Camera boasts a "deep" area to load the film - meaning that a 35mm canister fits perfectly should you want to shoot 35mm "sprocket" photography.

Strangely enough, I shot the image above of the Ansco B2 Speedex Junior with 31 year old Kodak Ektachrome film using my Canon FP camera and 50mm FL lens. I purchased the film on e-bay. Seller claimed frozen since 1978! I've mentioned it many times and I'll say it is the KEY in film. I've purchased expired film from 2006 and have had miserable results. Storage is the key.

Here are a few images I took in the last few weeks using the Ansco B2 Speedex Junior.

Stream off of Hamburg Turnpike, Butler, NJ USA 4/21/2010
Kodak Ektachrome E100sw (film expired 7/2004)


One of the many buildings in the Butler Center industrial complex.
Home of my studio and The Film Photography Podcast 4/21/2010.
Kodak Ektachrome E100sw (film expired 7/2004)


The Ansco B2 Speedex Jr loaded with 35mm Kodachrome 64.
Oops, I forgot to tape the red window on the back of the camera (when using 35mm film)

By using 35mm film in the Asco 120 film camera, you will be able to shoot your image on the entire piece of film. This is also known as “Sprocket Photography” or “Sprocket Revolution.” Fun stuff.

Flip Side Records in Pompton Lakes, NJ USA

A real joy to have an indie vinyl shop near by. Flip Side has been around since the 1980s. One peek inside and you’d think it was still 1984!


William Hellfire and Erin Russ record shopping at Flip Side Records.
Open shutter and hand-held flash created the “trippy” effect.


Spontaneous laughter from Erin Russ when I took out
the Ansco B2 Speedex Junior folding camera and snapped a quick picture.


4/24/2010Ansco B2 Speedex Junior (1945)Kodachrome 64 (expired 2007)
I used the “T” time fuction to keep the shutter open
about 30 seconds. Shot of me sitting in my studio.Junior (1945)
Kodachrome 64 (expired 2007)

What can I say…I love The Ansco B2 Speedex Junior!


More info:

Images © 2010 Michael Raso



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