FPP Unearths a Spooky New Film! DRACULA 35!

Posted: 10/15/2019

FPP’s DRACULA 35 is the classic eastern panchromatic European Svema FN64 formula with an iso of 64. It’s a chillingly strong choice for almost any situation and will work in any automatic or compact camera (even without a DX Code). And did we mention? The flat mylar base means you’ll get uncannily good scans, every time.

  • A fresh BW film on 24 exposure rolls

  • Mylar-based flat film perfect for scanning

  • 64 iso non-dx coded (will work in compact cameras)

  • Halloween 2019 edition release

Dracula 35 from the Film Photography Project – you can stake your life on it! AVAILABLE HERE!

At the Film Photography Project, we’re passionate about film. We provide tips, tutorials and product tests on our website, YouTube channel and through our monthly podcast.  We sell only thoroughly tested and FPP endorsed film, gear and analog cameras in our online store, and our FPP branded products are as green and affordable as possible due to our culture of thrift and refurbishment.  And did we mention our school camera donation program and walking workshops?  We do those, too!  


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