Introducing FPP CINE16 DOUBLE PERF 16mm FILM

Posted: 07/01/2019

A New Line of 16mm Films for Motion Picture Film Cameras

June 18, 2019 (Updated January 1, 2021) – Analog photography resource the Film Photography Project is bringing back another lost and forgotten film format with its new line of Double Perf 16mm Motion Picture Film!

The CINE16 DOUBLE PERF line is fresh film stock, hand-rolled onto 100 foot (30 meter) daylight spools in our film prep room before being boxed. Each roll results in 4 minutes and 10 seconds of footage in most early cameras that shoot 16 fps (or 2 minutes and 47 seconds for those vintage cameras that can shoot industry standard 24 fps).

The full line of Double Perforated 16mm film is available at our DOUBLE PERF PAGE at the Film Photography Project Store on-line!

The CINE16 DOUBLE PERF line from FPP is the first reintroduction of 16mm Double Perf motion picture film for consumer use since the early ‘00s. Although it is specifically designed for early versions of 16mm motion picture film cameras – those with “double pull-down claws” – it can also easily be used in more modern 16mm cameras featuring a “single pull-down claw”. When using the CINE16 DOUBLE PERF film in a Super 16mm camera, be aware that your image will extend into the perforated section of the film on one side.

The FPP is thrilled to add the CINE16 DOUBLE PERF line to its growing assortment of hand-rolled and unique house-branded photographic and motion picture films.

A Brief Overview of 16mm Double Perf Film & a List of Double Perf Film Cameras

16mm Double Perf Motion Picture Film is a silent film format with a 4x3 aspect ratio introduced by Kodak in 1923 as a consumer-friendly alternative to 35mm (George Eastman pictured above holding his Cine Kodak Model B). All early 16mm film cameras were produced with a dual set of claws and will only shoot double perf 16mm film – the grand-daddy of them all is the Cine Kodak, also introduced in 1923.  Later versions of 16mm film would feature only a single row of perforations, with some utilizing the non-perf side of the film to record audio.

Cameras that will only shoot 16mm double perf film include

  • Kodak Cine Model B

  • Kodak Cine Model E

  • Kodak Cine Model K

  • Paillard Bolex H-16

  • Keystone A-7

  • Keystone A-9

  • Bell & Howell Filmo 70

  • Bell & Howell Filmo 75

  • Mitchell 16

  • Zeiss Movikon

  • Victor Model 3

  • Victor Model 4

  • Ansco Risdon Model A

  • All Kodak & Bell & Howell Consumer Magazine Cameras

  • Beaulieu R16 cameras

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Text by Paige K. Davis and Owen McCafferty


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