FPP Salutes Lomography! Analog Champions Unveil New Color Negative Film Emulsion

Posted: 07/16/2019


The talented crew over at Lomography – responsible for the LomoKino camera and many other products beloved by the Film Photography Project - recently filled us in on the July 16 announcement of their brand-new color negative film emulsion LOMOCHROME METROPOLIS XR 100-400 film! Available in 35mm, 120 (medium format), 110 (pocket film) and 16mm (motion picture film), LOMOCHROME METROPOLIS gives “muted colors with an intense aesthetic pop” that is “inspired by stark images of expressionism and modern urbanism” – Lomography. Here’s what they had to say about the technical specs:

  • Extended ISO range: 100–400

  • Standard C-41 development

  • Daylight balanced (5000K)

  • Available in multiple formats (35 mm, 120, 110 and 16 mm)

  • Fine grain structure for high optical fidelity

  • Deep blacks and curved highlights

  • Aggressive tonal curve for dramatic exposures

  • The first new color negative film-stock internationally released in over 5 years

Want the full scoop on the film along with the opportunity to contribute some cash to the project?  Check out the LOMOCHROME METROPOLIS KICK-STARTER.

You may have noticed that LOMOCHROME METROPOLIS is available as a 16mm motion picture film like the FPP, Lomography supports still and motion picture film photography! FPP's Michael Raso and John Fedele discuss movie making, new films and Lomography on the latest FPP PODCAST (Links below)!

DOWNLOAD Film Photography Podcast July 16, 2019

Wanna shoot Lomography? Lomography Films are available right here at The FPP On-Line Store!


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