Free Film! Camera Raffle at PA Super 8 Party!

Posted: 10/19/2015

MOVIATE is proud to present a One Night Only Halloween Horror Extravaganza!!!

THE BASEMENT (1989) - LOST HORROR CLASSIC - Shot in Super 8mm!!! Producer Michael Raso, John Fedele, Joe Kolbek and Leslie Lazenby will be in person introducing the film, doing a Q&A afterwards and giving away film!

Sunday October 25, 2015 @ 8pm
Midtown Cinema - 250 Reily St, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17102 - FaceBook event page - Theater website

Admission = $5

THAT'S NOT ALL! Michael Raso will also be having a raffle for 35mm film and camera outfits. Everyone attending has a chance to win:

  • Nikon N50 35mm Camera and Film

  • Nikon N80 35mm Camera Outfit and Film

  • Assorted 35mm Film

  • DVD and Limited Edition VHS Big Box of The Basement

above: Alamo Drafthouse's Joseph A. Ziemba and Michael Raso on stage Q&A for "The Basement" in Austin, TX

above: Michael Raso at the Austin screening of The Basement.

Previous screenings:

Friday, September 25, 2015 - Alamo Drafthouse Yonkers N.Y. - show starts at 9pm - admission $5.

Tuesday, July 28 2015 - Alamo Draft House (Ritz Location) - Austin, Texas

Thursday. July 30 2015 - Texas Theatre - Dallas, Texas

Attending? Drop Michael a line to let him know you're coming!

What is "The Basement" - In 1989, Tim O'Rawe, Michael Raso and some college friends from New Jersey pooled their resources to shoot a full-length horror movie called THE BASEMENT on Super 8 film. Then they forgot about it. Twenty years later, THE BASEMENT was found in Michael's storage bin. And the parameters of total madness would never be the same again. THE BASEMENT is a four story anthology that features mummies, witches, death demons, sea serpents, zombies, Satan, a California Raisins costume, and lots of creative swearing. It's like a gore-drenched, un-reality take on Amicus's TALES FROM THE CRYPT starring every stoned metalhead from your high school, plus their stoned moms and dads. By all rules of logic, this movie should not be good. But in the tradition of other backyard Super 8 epics like Nathan Schiff's THE LONG ISLAND CANNIBAL MASSACRE and the Polonia Brothers' LETHAL NIGHTMARE, THE BASEMENT isn't just good -- it's exhilarating. For proof, look no further than a line spoken by a cameraman on the set of a movie-within-a-movie about zombies: "This looks more like a fucking KISS video than a horror film!" New Jersey wins. Text by Joseph A. Ziemba

above: Special FX Artist Scott Hart putting the final touches on Emily while Director Tim O'Rawe looks on. below: It's FPP's John Fedele being metered by Michael Raso (with his Gossen Luna Pro F!)


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