FPP Announces Walking Dead Parody shot on Super 8!

Posted: 09/25/2015


The Film Photography Project Announces


Inspired by the flood of requests for FPP to record tutorials about film making on Super 8 Film, we decided to put a super short Super 8 film into production!

“The Silent Dead”, a 2-minute parody of the popular television series “The Walking Dead” (‘cause Super 8 lacks audio…get it?) begins production September 27th in Dayton, Ohio. It will premiere on the FPP YouTube Channel the week of Halloween.  Shortly thereafter, FPP will begin uploading instructional videos, focusing on the strengths and challenges of shooting on Super 8.

above: Mat Marrash, Henrique Couto and Leslie Lazenby. Henrique is no stranger to the FPP podcast and has been a frequent guest.

“The Silent Dead” is produced by Michael Raso and directed / edited by Henrique Couto.   No stranger to spoofs, Michael Raso has produced over 100 feature films in the horror / B-movie genres, many of which are spoofs that still haunt late night cable.  Ohio-based Henrique Couto has already completed 13 feature length digital films and would have never thought that he’s have the opportunity to shoot on film…until now!

Stay tuned for updates soon!

AMC's "The Walking Dead" returns for season 6 on October 11, 2015 - http://www.amc.com/shows/the-walking-dead

Henrique Couto was just on Fox News chatting up his latest feature "Calamity Jane Returns"! - http://fox45now.com/m/news/features/morning/stories/New-Western-Movie-Filmed-In-Dayton-209699.shtml#.VgWWLtJVhBe

Michael Raso & the FPP Gang started the FPP Podcast Season 6 on September 15, 2015 - https://filmphotographyproject.com/podcast

Have a question about Super 8? Contact Michael Raso! Michael@FilmPhotographyProject.com


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