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Posted: 10/13/2013

above image by Mat Marrash

News by Michael Raso (Updated October 2013!)

Greetings  fellow film shooters! This is an update on all the cool film-related things happening in and around The Film Photography Podcast's fab On-Line Store (Ya know, The FPP!)


The FPP On-Line Store adds 8 x 10 Film!

The buzz is out! The FPP has the best prices on Kodak Film on the web. We're thrilled to add 8x10 film to our already huge assortment of available films! Go to the 8x10 page HERE!


above: The FPP Toronto Gang - captured on Kodak Portra 400 8x10 by Mat Marrash's Eastman Commercial 8x10 camera


Roll Your Own 35mm Film!

You asked for it! 35mm film in 100 foot rolls so that you can roll your own! A large assortment of Kodak, Ilford and specialty films! Haven't rolled your own? Try our Film Rolling Kit! Check out the bulk film section HERE!



Go Yellow! Eastman Fine Grain Yellow 2366 BW now available in 35mm!

The FPP now offers Eastman Kodak Fine Grain 2366 in convenient 35mm 24 exposure or 100ft rolls! Re-Canned by Michael Raso from 2000 ft cinema reels in the FPP Studio Darkroom. Available in 35mm cartridges here or in 100 ft rolls if you'd like to roll your own!




Lomography Film Sampler!


Unbeatable 3-Pack + 1 Bonus Roll! Unbeatable Price!

Lomotastic 35mm Film Sampler!! / 3 Rolls!! / 36 exposures per roll!

You get 3 rolls of  film + 1 Bonus Roll of Mystery Film! "I Think We Have Ourselves a Mystery"! This sampler pack was hand picked by Film Photography Podcast host Michael Raso and includes

(1) roll Lomo 35mm Color Negative 100

(1) roll Lomo 35mm Color Negative 400

(1) roll Lomo 35mm Color Negative 800

(1) roll MYSTERY 35mm film!  Order HERE


Eastman 5360 Super Slow Orthographic BW (LIMITED!)

This is a wonderfully rare film recently found by Lance. It is actually a POSITIVE B&W TRANSPARENCY FILM so you don't get negatives but positives like B&W SLIDES!! You could even mount & project them. Eastman 5360 DMP is a Direct Motion Picture film from a very rare discontinued emulsion which expired in 2002 but is still giving nice results as you can see from his examples. ASA 0.5!!!! More info HERE!


35mm Svema MZ-3 Soviet BW Film! (LIMITED!)

Made by the Shostkinsky Production Association
in former Soviet Union Ukraine in 11/1978!

This is a wonderfully rare black & white film. Works with normal B&W development. ASA 12! Order it HERE!


4x5 Fuji Instant Films Added! (Limited!)

The elusive FP-100c45 and FP-3000b45 peel-apart instant films have been added to the 4x5 section of the on-line store. Supply severely limited! Visit the 4x5 page HERE!



Shoot 620 film?! Jump for joy because The FPP is now making new, authentic 620 film spools and making available your favorite film in 620. Portra 5-Pak,Lomo 3-Paks and more added! Check it out here!


Eastman Plus-X 5231 Motion Picture Film for your Still Camera! (LIMITED!)

Discontinued by Eastman Kodak and long used in Hollywood to make motion pictures, I grabbed one of the last rolls ever made! Now you can experience the rich, creamy, gorgeous palette of Eastman Plus-X black and white Motion Picture Film in your favorite 35mm still camera! Freezer-stored, 20 exposure rolls with an asa of 80! Ultra limited! More HERE!


Kodak Panatomic-X Fine Grain BW Film! (LIMITED)

How did I meet fellow FPP guy John Fedele? Met him at the William Paterson University darkroom where we had a long chat about the fine grain of Kodak Panatomic-x! Long gone, The FPP has found a frozen brick of 24 exposure rolls! Super fun and super limited! Get it HERE!

above: My street shot of felloe filmmaker John West in NYC / Kodak Panatomic-X / Canon AE-1 Program SLR camera

Kodak Kodalith Ortho 35mm Film (LIMITED)

Orthochromatic photography refers to a photographic emulsion that is sensitive to only blue and green light, and thus can be processed with a red safelight. This awesome 35mm film is low-speed (12 asa!!) and will give you amazing, striking results! More info HERE!


SUPER COLOR! Hawkeye Traffic Surveillance 35mm Film

It's been called the "Hi-Speed Ektar" because of it's rich colors! Previously only available in 100ft reels, the FPP now offers Kodak Hawkeye Traffic Surveillance Film in convenient hand-rolled 35mm canisters of 24 exposures! This 400-speed color negative film was designed for traffic surveillance cameras. Film is balanced for daylight or electronic flash and can be used under mixed lighting. This film uses the widely available Process C-41. Visit the Hawkeye Film page HERE!


above: Rich, bold colors from the Hawkeye Traffic Surveillance film! Image by Leslie Lazenby.

About The FPP On-Line Store

For those of you who don't know, the FPP is the long-running Internet Radio Show for people who love to shoot film produced and hosted by yours truly! Starting September 2011, we added an on-line store! FPP Store customers all agree - Great film and camera selection...Great prices...Great service! (link below - John Fedele and I chat about the FPP On-Line Store)

Film Photography On-Line Store - Summer 2013! by Film Photography Project

The most exciting thing about all the items in the on-line store is that they're all hand-picked. Hand-picked goodies that will enhance and make your photography more fun and satisfying! The coolest vintage cameras, the most awesome new and cold-stored films for you!

above: John Fedele discovered the joy of shooting 120 Kodak Ektachrome Film in his new Mamiya m645!

You can jump to the The On-Line Store by following this link -

The On-Line Store is always open, accepts all major credit cards, PayPal and ships internationally.

You can reach a person at the store direct via e-mail at - Please allow 24 hours for response to e-mails. Staff is not available on US Holidays (Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Weekends)

Your order is fulfilled by Justin or William (pictured below) I personally visit the store daily, preparing many of the items for you!


EASTMAN DOUBLE-X 5222 35mm Film!

Previously only available in 400 and 1000ft cinema reels, the FPP now offers Eastman Double-X Negative Film 5222 in convenient hand-rolled 35mm canisters of 24 exposures! Follow this link to order!

Film is brand new, fresh shipped from Eastman Kodak to Us to You!

There are a growing number of still shooters using motion picture film in their still cameras - specially Eastman Double-X as it can be developed in traditional BW chemistry and the film has no "rem jet" layer that has been an issue with the Vision color motion picture films.


above: 400' bulk can of Eastman 5222 from from Eastman Kodak, Hollywood USA. Image by FPP friend Mark O'Brien shot on Eatman 5222


The FPP 35mm Film page ( ) is updated regularly. Most new films are limited. Here's a list of what's brand new:

EASTMAN TRI-X 5233 (LIMITED!) - Locked in a vault for 60 years, the FPP now offers Eastman Tri-X Negative Film 5233 in convenient hand-rolled 35mm canisters of 20 exposures! Link and batch test examples HERE


KODAK RAPID PROCESS COPY FILM (LIMITED) (RPC)! This is a wonderfully rare film! It is actually a POSITIVE B&W TRANSPARENCY FILM so you don't get negatives but positives like B&W SLIDES!! You could even mount & project them. Link HERE

FUJI IT! COLOR FILM! What is it!? It's Fujifilm ITn - a film originally designed to make negatives from slides! An ISO of 6! LIMITED! Fuji IT LINK

above: Image by FPP listener John Milleker Jr on Fuji IT-N color film!

POLY PAN F! Perfect for creating dreamy portraits or soft, lush landscapes. Polypan F is actually motion picture copy film, "that has little to no anti-halation layer, and can give beautiful bloom effects in bright light. PolyPan F HERE

Soft and dreamy, PolyPan F is perfect for portraits and glowing landscapes! Shot by Michael Raso / Canon T60 / Canon FD f1.2 50mm lens / PolyPan F BW Film /


Beautiful, cold-stored Kodak Ektachrome in 120 has been added to the on-line shop. This batch has been on ice for 17 years and is as fresh as the day it was made. Please check out the 120 film page HERE

Desiree photographed with the Mamiya m645 camera / 55mm lens on "Iced" 1994 Ektachrome 64x


I'm thrilled to announce that The FPP now has a section fully-stocked with 620 on authentic 620 film spools to shoot in your favorite vintage 620 film camera! Please check out the 620 film page HERE!

Since 1965, The Carnival Spot Pizzeria. Home of the "Crispy Crust" pizza! SHot on the Imperial 620 film camera / Kodak Ektachrome 100x 620 film!

110 FILM!

The buzz started in 2011. Lomography announced a brand-new BW 110 film! Little did we know that within a year they would introduce not only BW but Color Print, Red Scale and Color Slide. NOW is THE BEST TIME EVER to shoot 110 film! 110 Film HERE!


Back in July 2012 (FPP Episode 63) Mat Marrash chatted up the concept of shooting 8x10 Medical X-Ray Film in his large format camera! It's an inexpensive way to get into large format photography. The film is black and white and can be processed in just about any BW processing chemical.

above: "Shake Shack at Night"on  Fuji Super HRT Green X-Ray 8x10 Sheet Film by Shawn Hoke

The X-Ray film is available in 4x5 as well as 8x10. If you're interested in 120 X-Ray film, please drop me an e-mail!

The wonderful thing about the film is that you can cut it in your dark room using a 7w Red Kodak Safe Light!


Kodak film in the on-line shop has taken off like a rocket ship in 2013 with new film products being added weekly. Great prices on Kodak 35mm, 120 and 4x5!


If you listen to The Film Photography Podcast, then you know that I LOVE Polaroid instant photography!

The FPP On-Line Store is an official Impossible Project partner store offering the full line of film! (Link HERE)

We also carry Polaroid-type "peel film" for your favorite pack film camera and Polaroid 300 / Fuji Instax Mini film too! (Link HERE)


above: The FPP Gang shot on Impossible PX 680 Color Pro Film!

That's it for now! There's LOTS MORE in the store (including cameras and accessories! The FPP Podcast Staff is volunteer! All profits from The FPP Store fuel the Film Photography Podcast, Giveaways and expenses associated with promoting the use of film! Love the store! Spread the word by  blogging and linking the FPP Store on your fav social network! Keep on shooting!

Super Positive! - Michael Raso -


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