Film Photography on the Streets of NYC!

Posted: 07/22/2012

Recap - The Film Photography Podcast (FPP) meet-up in New York City - May 19, 2012

The FPP is a global internet radio show for and about people who love and shoot film. The New York meet-up was an opportunity for listeners to meet the show hosts and spend a day shooting film!


The event was organized by FPP regular contributor Dan Domme. Video (above) was shot and edited by James Jankiewicz.

above: Photo by Mat Marrash / 8x10 Eastman Commercial B camera / Kodak Portra 400

The day began at the Lomography Gallery Store on 8th Street (  ) where attendees met and chat with the entire crew from the FPP podcast.



above: Stephanie Murano, manager of the 8th Street Lomography Shop in New York City, demonstrated the new LomoKino 35mm MovieMaker camera! (photo by Jeff Mitchel)/ FPP Host Michael Raso shoots with the LomoKino! (photo by John Fedele)
below: Example of a LomoKino video

After the LomoKino demo at Lomography, the group hits the streets of NYC for a few hours of street photography.

The always generous Kodak Company donated Ektar, Portra and Tri-X  film for all who attended the event!




above: The FPP group heads towards Chinatown (photo by Andy) / FPP co-host Mat Marrash and event organizer Dan Domme (photo by Nick Rapak)

At 4pm everyone met at The Impossible Project Space near Canal Street. ( ) The Impossible Project makes new film for vintage Polaroid cameras.

Impossible Project - Kisha Bari Interview / May 2012 by Film Photography Project


above: FPP listener Nick Rapak demonstrates his Polaroid 800 camera. (photo by Dan Domme) The 800 takes defunct Type 47 roll film. Nick successfully loaded a roll expired in 1979 and shot the above image at The Impossible Project Space.


above: The Smoove Sailors perform at Impossible NYC (photo by Michael Sanchez)

The end of a perfect day with a lo-fi performace by The Smoove Sailors (  - featuring John Fedele, Dane Johnson and Mark Dalzell from FPP!   )

Amazing thanks to all who attended and contributed to this day!

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