The Great FPP Kodak Film Giveaway!

Posted: 02/23/2012

FPP Film Giveaway @ Mid-West Meet Up

If there's one thing that FPP likes to do it's to give away film!

Since The Film Photography Podcast's inception back in 2009, film giveaways have been constant.

A majority of film requests have come from students and many times film was supplemented with entire 35mm SLR packages!

above: Image by SVA NYC student Hunter White. Hunter was not only a recipient of film and camera package but has also been a guest on The Film Photography Podcast.

First giveaway batches of giveaway film were from my own personal stash and soon after our first episodes an amazing thing happened, listeners starting donating!

That's Eastman Kodak's Scott DiSabato and me at the PDN Expo NYC. Image by Dan Domme

In 2011 Kodak got involved with our first Portra giveaway in Summer 2011 followed by their generous donation of fresh film in October 2011 and a massive batch of expired film in December 2011.

We'll it's almost March 2012 and that means all the entry forms are in and we've started the intensive shipping process.

So, if you ever entered out giveaway contest there's a good chance you'll be getting a package in the mail soon.


Sadly, our request for film massively outnumbers our film supply so it's all being sent out on a the first-come, first serve rule.

Happy shooting!

- Michael Raso, Founder - FPP

Thanks to Eastman Kodak and our amazing podcast listeners who support the FPP by donating!

Would you like to donate? Follow the DONATE link.

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