It's About You! FPP Episode 53!

Posted: 01/14/2012

Just in time for your Sunday Morning coffee!

Film Photography Podcast Episode 53 – January 15, 2012

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FPP 53 opens with the trailer to the new Super 8 documentary “It’s About You.” The film was co-directed and photographed by noted photographer Kurt Markus.

“It’s About You”
“a new musical documentary that offers a rare and intimate look at the life and music of Rock and Roll Hall of Famer John Mellencamp. The film premiered at this year’s SXSW festival and follows Mellencamp on his summer 2009 concert tour and during the recording of his most recent album, 2010’s universally acclaimed No Better Than This, the sessions for which took place at American musical and historical landmarks, including Sun Studios in Memphis and the First African Baptist Church in Savannah, GA. We see Mellencamp recording – with a single mike and mono tape recorder more than half a century old – in the same hotel room where legendary bluesman Robert Johnson created some of his most memorable work. Along the way, Mellencamp reveals an emotional side never before seen by the public, in a film that becomes a soulful, highly personal meditation on his beloved small-town America”.


Michael welcomes FPP producer Paige Davis to discuss the Super 8 film and introduce our interview with Kurt.


With Paige working in business development at FPP, Michael asks Paige if she would relay some practical business tips for listeners launching a photography blog or website. Brand imaging, consistency and other marketing tips discussed.

above: Mat Marrash shot on the Olympus Pen EE3 35mm half frame camera

After a brief break, Mat Marrash joins Michael in the studio.

Michael talks briefly about how he’s leading the 110 film revolution. With millions of cameras out there, Mike relays that The FPP Store now carries fresh 110 color film.


The swinging 1970s and the Polaroid SX-70 One Step cameras are discussed. Actor James Garner was the spokesperson for the Polaroid One Step on American TV.

Mike and Mat heartily discuss SX-70 filmMike and Mat chat about film photo labs including Sharp Photo and The Darkroom. Spencer at Sharp reports that film processing is up at his lab in Wisconsin.

The guys read a letter from Long-time listener Aussie Phil. John Fedele phones in to do his best Aussie Phil impersonation. After the show, the FPP guys plan to shoot The Smoove Sailors during their rehearsal. Both John and FPP Dane Johnson are in The Smoove Sailors!

above: The Smoove Sailors shot with the Polaroid Time Zero (black) One Step on Impossible PX-600 Silver Shade film


4x5 Home development is discussed. Develop six sheets of large format film in a Paterson tank! Get the supplies at Mod 54!

How do you load film into a 4x5 camera? Is the film on a roll? a pack? No, you need film holders!


Photographer (and FPP blogger) Daniel Klaas just bought a Crown Graphic 4x5 camera. Both Mike and Mat confess the love of Daniel’s photography on Flickr.

A listener writes in about Cyanotype printing. It’s considered an alternative process and discussed by Mat.

That wraps up this episode. Next show in two weeks!


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