FPP Year 2011 - Internet Radio That Loves Film!

Posted: 12/21/2011

above: FPP Guys John Fedele and Michael Raso "Rock Out" in the 2011 Year-End Closing Episode.

The Film Photography Project Internet Radio Show seeks to inform, engage and inspire amateur and professional photographers working in the traditional film medium. Launched by Film Photography Podcast founder Michael Raso in October of 2009, FPP provides a forum for photographers from around the globe to share their creative output, challenges and product reviews, while promoting the viability of vintage cameras and film through frequent give-aways and exchange programs.

The show went weekly in December 2011 - Four JAM-PACKED episodes! FPP LOVES FILM!!!

Check it out HERE!

Image shot by Dane Johnson on the Polaroid Colorpack II Camera / Fujifilm FP-100c


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