FilmWasters Interview with Steve Brierley from Ilford Photo

Posted: 08/22/2011


It’s been 11 long months since the last Filmwasters audio podcast, but they’re back with a bang as Leon interviews one of Ilford Photo’s head honchos, Steven Brierley, about the future of analog photography!


Listen HERE

The Filmwaster folks are TOPS! Check out their site.

The Origins of was borne out of a conversation between five disparate individuals over coffee and Cornish pasties in London, Summer 2005. Having talked previously from our 3 corners of the world in various electronic forms, we finally met face-to-face and the talking started for real. Common ground was film, a mutual respect for each others' photography, shared ideas and aspirations, cameras (LOTS of cameras) and other photographers. Without knowing at the time, we laid down the ground work for what was to become Within 6 months the site had been launched.


Who Are The Filmwasters?

We are a diverse bunch of five photography enthusiasts from opposing ends of the globe. One in Tokyo, one in Los Angeles and three from England. Although our collective styles could not be more different, we all have an overriding and all-consuming passion for film-based photographic art.



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