Briana Morrison: A Polaroid Adventure in Morocco

Posted: 08/25/2011


Blog by Michael Raso

When I heard about Photographer Briana Morrison's upcoming Big Adventure in Morocco I immediately e-mailed her and asked..."Have you ever shot with a Polaroid Automatic Land Camera?"

She replied, "I've always been interested in the pack film cameras but I've never shot with one. I even stocked up on some of Polaroid's pack film so I could play with it someday in the future. " I immediately sent Briana a Polaroid 420 and I personally sent her some funds for her Morocco "Kickstarter" fund. Yup, Briana is trying to raise some cash for her big Polaroid trip. Interested in helping?


Here's the scoop:

Briana's Kickstarter page:

The Project

"For this project I will travel to Marrakesh, Morocco to join 12 like-minded instant photographers, including my personal instant photography gurus and authors of Instant Love: How to Make Magic & Memories with Polaroids; Susannah Conway, Jen Altman, and Amanda Gilligan. For an entire week I will document my travels, participate in 5 workshops for instant photographers, and soak up all the knowledge and inspiration these ladies can dish out.  Upon my return I will turn my photographs into a collection worthy of exhibition and present my work to a number of galleries in California.  In addition, I will create a book documenting these images and a few notes from my travels." - Briana Morrison

Briana on Flickr -


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