Vintage Camera / Home Development Package Give Away Gets Better!

Posted: 01/24/2011


Giveaway update!

When I announced the final days of our contest on FaceBook this past Friday, I received an e-mail from Film Photography Podcast Listener Ron O’Connor. Ron just kicked in some vintage measuring cups/beakers, a vintage thermometer and “Pako” film clips.

FPP listeners are THE BEST!!!

Here’s the original post from Friday (giveaway items updated)

When we announced our camera and home development contest last month on The Film Photography Podcast, I had no idea that it bound to become our most spectacular giveaway yet.

The contest was initiated when podcast listener HeeSoo donated a package containing a vintage Ciro-Flex 120 TLR camera, 120 film and Rodinal-Equiv home developer.

A few days later, I received an e-mail from another FPP listener. Keith Derickson noticed our contest and donated the film development tank that’s needed for the home development process.

I tipped off our good friends at Freestyle Photographic Supply about our ongoing contest and they donated the rest of the chemicals to develop film at home.

This has turned out to be our biggest contest to date!

Oh no, you missed it! One winner was be chosen and announced on the Episode 27 / February 1, 2011 Film Photography Podcast Internet Radio Show. But don't worry, there are more giveaways to come, just check out the latest Film Photography Podcast.
The winner will receive:

  • A vintage Ciro-Flex 120 TLR camera

  • One roll FujiFilm Neopan 100 Black & White film

  • One roll Fomapan 100 Classic Black & White film

  • One roll Fomapan 400 Action Black & White film

  • One roll Arista Ultra 400 Black & White film

  • A vintage home development tank

  • Rodinal equivalent developer

  • Arista Indicator Stop Bath

  • Arista Universal Fixer

  • Arista Hypo Wash

  • Arista Flow Wetting Agent

  • vintage measuring cups/beakers

  • vintage thermometer

  • “Pako” film clips

You will need a few other household items—a thermometer, measuring cups and running water.

"Bucolic in Rodinal" by Sooner BJJ

Have you developed BW film at home using Rodinal? Care to share your step-by-step process, leave a comment.
Many thanks to HeeSoo, Keith Derickson, Ron O’Connor and Freestyle Photographic Supply!




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