Celebrate (and Win!) “100 Polaroids”

Posted: 10/18/2010

The Film Photography Podcast (Internet Radio Show) celebrated Instant Photography by giving away a copy of Patrick Sansone’s new book “100 Polaroids.”

100 Polaroids is a Limited edition, hard bound book of 100 Polaroid photographs taken by Patrick Sansone on his various travels.
Each book is individually numbered and signed (available from the Wilco Store).

Who is Pat Sansone? Musician, Photographer Pat Sansone is a multi-instrumentalist in the rock bands The Autumn Defense and Wilco.

Sansone's tremendously tuned ear has led him to become a studio musician and producer. His own project The Autumn Defense was formed in New Orleans in 1999 with friend John Stirratt of Wilco, and the band is responsible for three full length albums. Pat and John’s new album “Once Around” will be available November 2, 2010. Check out the band’s website at theautumndefense.com.

Cover Art “Once Around” - Image © Pat Sansone / The Autumn Defense

While on tour, Pat roamed around downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma, Polaroid in hand, snapping photographs of old parking lots and buildings. As he notes that Polaroid discontinued their line of film, he muses on the passing of an era. “It’s been interesting going around the country and going into small towns, because a lot of what I like to shoot is little details of old downtowns, capturing these little pieces of a fading America with a fading technology.”

My Polaroid One Step Close-Up camera that I'm giving away with Pat's book.

To make the giveaway extra special, I donate a Polaroid 600 One Step Close-Up from my personal collection of Polaroid cameras.

Listen in to Episode 17 / October 15, 2010, Pat’s book is discussed as well as 4x5 Large Format Photography, Digital Darkroom vs. Digital Darkroom, Polaroid 300 Goes National plus our other giveaways!

Pat was recently in Los Angeles and New York for a book signing. FPP listener Randy Babajtis covered the Los Angeles event at Paper Chase Press. I visited the New York signing at The Impossible Project NYC. Pat along with Dave Bias and Anne Bowerman from Impossible USA will be featured on the November 1, 2010 Film Photography Podcast.



Images from the Impossible Project NYC "100 Polaroids" book signing party October 14, 2010 / Polaroid Spectra Images © Michael Raso / Film Photography Podcast




Images from the Paper Chase Press, Los Angeles "100 Polaroids" book signing party October 7, 2010 Polaroid SX-70 Images by Randy Babajtis for The Film Photography Podcast © Film Photography Podcast

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