Celebrate The Day! – a new film camera in a big retail store!

Posted: 09/22/2010


In a world electronics market that predominately offers only digital cameras to consumers via “Big Box stores” like Best Buy or Walmart, it was amazingly refreshing to hear that retail giant Target (here in the US) would be offering the new Polaroid 300 camera and 300 film.

Polaroid 300 at Target Stores9/20/2010 Polaroid pic-300 camera
Polaroid 300 camera and film in-stock at the Target Store, State Rt 23, Riverdale, NJ USA

I’ve covered the Polaroid 300 camera on previous blogs, spoke about it on the Film Photography Podcast and even shot a YouTube video. I’ve been singing the praises of this new instant camera because at the heart of the matter - I believe that shooting your photos on film is a better, more rewarding experience. Instant film photography gives you something that digital currently can not...an awesome instant print to share with plenty of smiles.

Polaroid 300 at Target Stores9/20/2010Polaroid pic-300 camera
Polaroid 300 print of Nicole.
I noticed her because she was wearing a “roasted turkey” plush hat at the Pizza Hut inside the Target store. Upon asking her if wearing the turkey was “required uniform” at Pizza Hut, she laughed and said “no, just wearin’ it for fun!”


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